S is for…

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“Please let her cum,” Thora begged. Sky Spritzer just smiled.

“Why should I?”

“Because she’s earned it, Sir.”

“Has she?”

“Yes, Sir,” Thora responded but her tone did not support her statement. She sounded hesitant and unsure.

The ‘she’ in question was Rosemarie Rino who had her hands and arms secured behind her back with rope. Thora was in a similar position but she was kneeling practically in the doorway where Rosemarie was the in center of the room.

Sky looked at Rosemarie and beckoned for her to come to him. She stood in front of him and he kissed her softly on the lips. He could feel his cock twitch with desire. He cupped the back of her head with his hand and turned the soft kiss into an insistent one. When he pulled back, she was panting.

“Do you think you’ve earned an orgasm?”

“No, Sir,” she said, easily seamlessly into being submissive to him. Her small act of submission turned him on. There was nothing Sky liked more than a girl at his mercy. He wanted her to have a good time, but putting her in uncomfortable positions for his pleasure made him happy.

“Why not?”

“I haven’t pleased you yet, Sir.”

“Good girl,” he said. He stepped away from her, dropping his hand to his side. “See, she,” he cocked his head in Rosemarie’s direction, “knows what’s important.”

“I don’t—” Thora started but Sky cut her off. He was pissed that she was going to try to defend herself. She needed to be put in her place.

“I don’t want to hear your voice right now. In fact…” he let his voice trail off as he went over to where Rosemarie had neatly folded her clothes. He picked out her underwear and brought them over to Thora. “Mmm, nice and wet,” he said with a wink in Rosemarie’s direction. He made sure to put the wet part of the panties right against Thora’s tongue. He pressed as much of the fabric as he could into Thora’s mouth so that it was just peeking out. “You do not get to argue with me. You know better.”

She mumbled what sounded like “I’m sorry, Sir,” but he ignored it.

“I might not even let you watch Rosemarie and me.” He could feel his stern face shifting into a softened smile. He delighted in coming up with fun ideas to torment Thora. He knew that if he slipped his fingers down to her pussy, she would absolutely be dripping wet for him.

He made a little circular motion with his finger indicating that she should turn around. Her head and shoulders drooped in disappointment but she did as she was told. When his eyes met Rosemarie’s he could see a bit of reproach in her gaze. He didn’t want Rosmarie to feel negatively toward him and he recognized that he hadn’t been particularly good about preparing her for this situation. He went back over to her and put his mouth right next to her ear. “She loves this, you know.” He knew she wouldn’t respond except maybe a nod, which he received, but he knew she wasn’t convinced. “Want me to prove it to you?”

Rosemarie’s head jerked back in surprise. She looked at him with a questioning look.


Sky walked over to Thora and gestured for Rosemarie to follow him. She moved closer and watched as he slipped his fingers into Thora’s pussy. Thora moaned softly around the panties in her mouth. And then he pulled his hand out and pressed his fingers into Rosemarie’s mouth. He watched as her look of surprise turned to desire. It was like lighting a fire in her. He knew that Thora’s juices must be gone off of his fingers, but she was still sucking on his fingers. He felt his cock twitch. “Do you want to suck something else?” he asked.

She nodded, “Always.”

He smiled at her and pressed her to be down on her knees. She knelt at his feet, and he took his cock out of his pants so she could suck him. He watched her as she was took his cock into her mouth and he groaned as he felt his cock press into the back of her throat. He consciously went overboard with his reactions since he knew Thora was desperately listenting for any indicator of what was going on.

He placed one hand on the back of Rosemarie’s head and curled his fingers into her hair. She voluntarily deep throated him then and he grunted. She held herself down on his cock and he helpfully pressed on the back of her head to keep her on there. He let go when it seemed like she was about to gag and she pulled back gasping for air. It only took her a moment to get her breath and then she pressed back down onto his cock again. He didn’t want to cum yet but she was making it very difficult for him to hold back. When he thought he couldn’t handle it anymore, he curled his fingers so that he was really gripping her hair and pulled her off of his cock.

She looked up at him with disappointment and concern. He realized she may be thinking he stopped her because of something she did. “You’re amazing. I just don’t want to cum yet.”

The lines of concern that creased her forehead relaxed and she smiled slightly up at him. “Yes, Sir,” she replied and she sat back on her heels.

He gripped her upper arm to help her stand. “Why don’t you go get onto the bed.”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied and she went over to the bed. While she was on the bed, he went to a drawer and got a cheap plastic drop cloth out. He knew that neither Rosemarie nor Thora would have any idea what he was planning. He wanted to put them both to the test with wax play. To his knowledge, neither woman had any experience with wax play and he thought it would be fun. He placed the plastic onto the bed and motioned for Rosemarie to get onto it. She did and the look on her face was one of intense fear. He stroked her cheek to reassure her. “Relax, sweetie. Trust me.” She nodded but he could see there was still a look of some concern on her face. “Thora, come here.” He wanted her to see this. He spread the rest of the plastic out on the other side of the bed to make a space for Thora. “Get on the bed over there.” Thora followed his instruction and she climbed onto the bed. She sat, waiting to see what would happen next. She didn’t look nearly as worried as Rosemarie did so he didn’t say anything to her about what he was planning.

He went back to the dresser and picked up a lighter. He was watching the girls out of the corner of his eye and he saw the sheer panic in Rosemarie’s eyes. She was not a fan of fire, which he knew. But he didn’t have fire play in mind. He pulled a box of candles out of the dresser and held them up.

“See, trust me.” Rosemarie looked like she was going to nearly faint with relief. He shook his head slightly. If she would just trust him, she wouldn’t have to be so worried. He lit the candle and gave it some time to build up some wax. He knew that he needed to let some wax build up on the candle to there would be something to drip. It was a white, low temperature burning candle. It would be a good starter for the girls.

He brought it over to the bed and looked at Thora. She was going first. He wanted her to be the guinea pig and he told her so. “I was originally thinking I would make you watch the whole thing, Thora,” he said, “but I think it would make Rosemarie more comfortable to see what is going to happen to her.”

“Yes, Sir,” mumbled Thora through the panties still in her mouth.

“And don’t forget, Rosemarie isn’t going to get to cum until you successfully beg for it, but you shouldn’t beg until she has earned it.”

Thora nodded, “Yes, Sir,” she mumbled.

Rosemarie didn’t say a thing. She just sat and watched. He noticed that her eyes were fixed on the candle. There was a drip of wax just getting ready to fall from it. Rosemarie was hardly looking anywhere else. Sky held it up high above Thora, making sure it would be far enough away from her body that the wax would have some time to cool before it hit her bare skin. When it hit her body, she gasped and he wasn’t totally sure if it was from surprise, pain, or a mixture. He didn’t ask though since he knew she enjoyed being tormented so it didn’t really matter. If it were Rosemarie going first, he absolutely would have gotten immediate feedback.

He let another drip of wax fall on Thora’s bare back. Her gasp was a little less this time. On the third drip, she hardly reacted at all. He began to drip wax in swirls on her chest and belly, the drips coming a little faster now. When the candle was about half gone and her breasts were mostly covered in wax, he stopped and held the candle upright.

“Your turn.” His voice was barely above a whisper and his attention was focused completely on Rosemarie. She gave a slight nod and he dripped the first drop of wax on her. She gasped in surprise and pain. The wax was not as hot as she thought it would be but it was certainly a new experience.

“Ah!” she yelled.

He waited a beat and then dripped another drop on her chest. He watched her reaction carefully and she reacted less. It seemed that she knew what to expect now. He dripped a third drop and she began to moan. She was getting into it now. He could see her cheeks and chest were flushed with desire and her hips were nearly gyrating on the bed. “You like this, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” she hissed.

“Good,” he smiled. “I do, too.” He began to send drips onto her body faster now. He covered her breasts, and up until now he had avoided her nipples but since she had had a good reaction with the rest he covered them too. She kept moaning and her hips kept moving. He smiled because he knew he had found something she enjoyed he was happy that it had worked out so nicely.

When the candle was gone, he thought about lighting another one but thought it may be time to move on. With both girls having their arms tied behind their backs, they wouldn’t be able to clean up. He untied Rosemarie. A wave of disappointment crossed her face as she was released from her restraints, but it was quickly replaced with desire again as he began to touch her breasts.

He helped her get the wax off of her body, dropping it on the plastic cloth on the bed. “We should probably clean Thora off, too.” He spoke as though it was a chore to bother with Thora at all.

Rosemarie nodded, “I would do that, Sir.”

“Let’s wait,” he said with a wink. Rosemarie nodded but didn’t say anything else. “I think I’m ready to fuck you now,” he said and his cock was certainly hard enough. He had been hard the whole time he had been pouring wax on the two beautiful women in front of him. “Flip over,” he said. “I want to take you from behind.

She did as she was told without hesitation. Her arms must have been stiff from being tied up for so long but she never complained and she never disobeyed. She got on her hands and knees in front of him and then lowered the top of her body down to the bed so her ass was in the air. He briefly thought about fucking her ass but decided it would be better to wait. Her pussy was dripping wet and so ready for him. He ran the head of his cock along her slit, getting it wet with her juices. When he entered her, she moaned. He went slowly at first, teasing the both of them. Then the fucking began. He pounded into her, his balls slapping off her body. The whole bed rocked. She moaned and screamed. He grunted. Thora sat on the same bed, unable to do anything but watch.


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