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Sorry this is a little late. I have been doing really well with keeping up, but I had a crazy weekend that just didn’t allow for writing. So as before, please be accepting of typos and mistakes as I haven’t even had a chance to read through these posts once before getting them up here! I look forward to editing in May!


Thora Tierse sat on a piece of plastic on a bed, watching. It was all she could do not to spit out the pair of women’s panties that were shoved in her mouth so she could speak. Instead, she sat there, rocking as the bed moved. Next to her was another woman, Rosemarie. The two women had just met that night when Sky Spritzer had brought them together. He knew that Thora loved to be tormented more than anything else. He knew that she would do his every bidding and enjoy it. And sure enough, as it was, she was sitting next to the two of them, watching them fuck like rabbits and all she could think was that it was sexy as hell and she wished it could be her turn. Unfortunately, she wasn’t even sure she would get a turn.

Her arms were tied behind her back and she was getting super uncomfortable. As the pain in her stiff arms increased, her pussy got more and more wet.

She was watching Sky’s cock disappear repeatedly into Rosemarie’s pussy. When her eyes flickered up to his face and she saw that he was watching her. She hadn’t expected that. “Is this hot?” he asked her, and she knew that he knew the answer.

“Yes,” she said through her gag and nodded her head.

He pounded into the other woman while Thora watched. Thora found that her hips were mimicking his movements without meaning to. She wished fervently that Sky would fuck her but she knew that she would be lucky to get a turn.

Rosemarie was moaning loudly and it was turning Thora on immensely. Sky had been pounding quickly but Thora watched as all of a sudden, he stopped. He grunted loudly and he must have cum because his face was contorted with tension and then relaxed quickly.

He sat back heavily on his heels, his cock slipping from Rosemarie’s pussy. Thora couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. His softening cock dripped the remnants of his orgasm slowly onto the bed.

Thora began to moan softly, her hips moving faster, more desperate. She wanted him so badly. She wanted someone to touch her. She wanted her arms free. The desperation was gripping her so hard she felt like she couldn’t stand it. “Please, please,” she was begging.

“Are you begging for Rosemarie or yourself?” Sky asked.

Thora had a moment of panic. She had been intending to beg for herself, but she had forgotten that Sky had told her Rosemarie would only be allowed to cum when Thora successfully begged for it. She nodded her head in Rosemarie’s direction.

He took the panties out of her mouth and tossed them on the floor. Thora knew it was all he could do to let them lay on the floor but she would clean them up as soon as she was able. If they were there much longer, it would bother him.

“Try that again,” he directed.

“I think she has earned an orgasm, Sir,”

“Do you?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied.

“And why is that?”

“Well, she has pleased you, is that not true, Sir?”

“She has pleased me. You’re right on that point.”

“But you reasoning with me calmly isn’t exactly begging.”

She paused, her mind going a mile a minute. What exactly was begging to him? How could she effectively beg for a girl she really didn’t know at all? Especially when she didn’t particularly care one way or the other if Rosemarie had an orgasm. In fact, it would be kind of fun to watch her get tormented and not ever get to orgasm. But that would hardly be fair, she knew. Just because her favorite thing was being tormented, didn’t mean it was Rosemarie’s. In fact, she was pretty sure it wasn’t the other woman’s desire at all. Maybe a little tormenting here and there but it did not seem that it would be something she would want all the time, and certainly not to the level that Thora enjoyed.

“Sir, please let Rosemarie cum. She’s been a good girl. Please, please let her cum, Sir.” She was walking a fine line between a tone that was desperate and a tone that was whining. She knew that he would not appreciate the latter. “Please, please, Sir, please,” she continued, “please let Rosemarie cum. She has earned it. Please let her have an orgasm. You give such amazing orgasms. Please give her the pleasure of experiencing one. Please, Sir.” As the words left her mouth, she knew them to be true. She would give almost anything right at that moment to feel his lips and his tongue on her pussy. She desperately wanted to feel him pleasure her. She wanted to feel wave after wave of pulsing electricity as she orgasmed at his hand and his mouth. But unfortunately, she wasn’t begging for herself and that turned her on all the more. She couldn’t help the gush of her own juices that practically flowed down her thighs as she begged. If there was one thing Thora loved more than anything else, it was being tormented while someone else watched and here someone else was a part of it. A stranger, in fact. All Thora knew about the other woman was her name. Thora could feel the embarrassment of her own desire coloring her cheeks and she focused her attention on begging since Sky hadn’t responded to her at all.

“Please, Sir, please let her cum. Please put your mouth on her pussy. Please suck on her clit. Please make her cum like no one else can. Please, Sir, please. She deserves it.”

“How about you? Do you deserve to cum?”

Tears touched her eyes as she realized that the answer to that was no. She hadn’t done anything really to please Sky. She had just been there, but that was it. She had been his guinea pig with the wax play but that hardly counted as pleasing him. She hadn’t been able to suck him. He hadn’t fucked her. She really hadn’t done anything and trying to convince him otherwise was fruitless, she knew. “No, Sir. I don’t.”

“Good girl,” he said and he patted her cheek lightly.

“Thank you, Sir,” she said and the tears that had been threatening to spill out of her eyes began to fall silently. She couldn’t wipe them away if she wanted to, not with her arms still bound behind her back, but she wouldn’t have even if she could. She just let them fall, reveling in the feeling of being helpless. On some level, she was even enjoying knowing that she was below this stranger who was taking Sky’s attention away from her. Thora knew that Sky cared about her. If she didn’t know that, she wouldn’t have agreed to being here at all, but she had no idea what an emotional experience he would put her through. This was certainly more than just a physical torment, it was mostly emotional. Sure, her arms were still and a bit sore and he had struck her a few times, but her stomach was in knots and her heart hurt and her pussy was gushing her arousal. She wanted to say that she hate it. She wanted to say that she should leave. She wanted to put a stop to the whole thing. And she could. The scary thing about it was that she could put a stop to it any time she wanted to. She had a safe word. She could use it and Sky would immediately stop and take off her restraints and comfort her. He would ignore Rosemarie completely in favor of Thora if she used her safeword. She knew that without a shadow of a doubt.

But she also knew that she was terribly turned on by the whole experience and she didn’t want him to stop. She craved watching him interact with Rosemarie. She craved watching him make the other woman orgasm. She wanted to see Rosemarie writhing on the bed, screaming his name, while she was helpless and powerless to do anything to herself. She wanted that far more than she wanted Sky’s comfort.

And so she hoped that he would take her begging as enough and it appeared that he had. He pushed Rosemarie back on the bed so that he would have room to be between her legs. Thora couldn’t see much no matter which way she positioned herself. She was unable to get close enough to be a part of the action, which she was sure was intentional on his part. What she could see was Sky’s bare ass as he knelt between Rosemarie’s leg. She could see Rosemarie’s hand on the back of his head. Her other hand was gripping the sheets, twisting them between her fingers. She could hear the other woman’s breaths come fast and short. She could see her writhing, her hips moving to meet Sky’s mouth. Thora could see Rosemarie’s toes curling as she neared her orgasm. All the while, Sky was stoic. He hardly moved at all. One hand braced his weight and the other was between Rosemarie’s legs. Thora could only assume that he had his fingers buried deep in the woman’s pussy. Thora was jealous beyond belief but turned on at the same time.

She could tell moments before Rosemarie’s orgasm overtook her. The toes that had been slightly curled, curled more until her feet were practically curling. Her quick breaths became loud moans. Her twisting fingers became more frantic.

Thora could feel her own pussy pulsing. Her clit was practically vibrating with arousal. She felt like the slightest touch would send her over the edge, and probably it would. She couldn’t touch herself though and she knew she would get in trouble if she tried humping something. So she just sat and waited.

When Rosemarie’s orgasm subsided and Sky had moved away from her, Thora could see that her pussy was flushed from the contact. It was sexy as hell and she involuntarily moaned.

Sky nearly pounced on her then. She couldn’t hide her surprise, but then he flipped her over and pressed her face into the bed. She had a moment of panic because her arms were still restrained and there was nothing to stop her from smashing her nose on the bed. He held her by the ropes around her arms though and lowered her relatively gently. He was hard again and clearly wanted to fuck. This was definitely not making love. It was fucking, pure and simple. His cock entered her pussy and he began to pound into her. There was no time for adjustment. There was no pause for anything. He just pounded her. The only brief respite she got was when he pulled out so he could enter her ass.

She felt a mild adjustment pain as he filled her ass but she adjusted as he pounded her. When she felt small fingers on her clit, she nearly exploded. She couldn’t see, but she knew it wasn’t Sky. It must be Rosemarie. Her whole body trembled and within seconds, her orgasm overtook her. She screamed into the mattress and tried not to let her legs go out from under her. Her pussy clenched around the cock in her ass which quickly triggered Sky’s ejaculation. He grunted as he spilled his seed within her and he collapsed on top of her.

The next day, Thora’s ass was comfortably sore. Her arms were, too. She had been tied up for a long time. But she wasn’t nearly as on edge as she had been before the encounter. She had been so horny prior to it that she hardly knew what to do with herself. Now she was able to at least function semi-normally. It was good to have a clear head because a friend of hers had put a proposal on the table and she really wasn’t sure how she felt about it. She didn’t have long to make a decision though because he had said he needed to know by the end of the week. The end of the week was only 48 hours away and she still had absolutely no idea what she was going to do.


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