V is for … #AtoZChallenge

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Okay, so, a little late. Okay, a lot late. Almost a month late. But I’m not giving up! I want to finish the story! So, here, in its unedited glory is V!

Vivian Vasil jumped when the doorbell chimed. She was naked, standing in her living room, and her husband Uri Urgast was just about to finger her. But instead, they were interrupted by the doorbell. Oh shit, the doorbell! Thora!

Vivian’s heart started pounding and her hands suddenly were wet with cold perspiration. Why was she so nervous!? She wiped them on her thighs but since she had no clothes on, it didn’t really do any good. “Who’s opening the door?” she hissed.

“You are,” he replied in a whisper.

“I thought you were!” she argued.

“Fine,” he said, “I will.”

She watched as he went to the door and looked through the peephole. It must have been her because he opened the door then and stood back. He was half hiding behind it as he opened the door. Disappointing.

“Hi!” Thora said as she entered the room. She was good enough friends with them that she didn’t need an invitation to come into the room.

“Hi,” Vivian said. She was standing in the middle of the living room, completely naked, trying not to look awkward but feeling terribly awkward nonetheless.

“Well, this is a surprise,” Thora replied. She looked Vivian up and down in a way she had never done before. Then she turned her attention to Uri. Vivian watched with interest as she watched her best friend take in her husband’s nude body. Some guys she had known fit the saying “a grower not a shower” but not Uri. Even soft, Uri looked huge and when he was hard, he was the largest guy she had ever seen. She had always imagined it would be fun to watch another woman’s eyes go wide when she saw how big Uri was and in reality it was as good as she imagined it would be. In fact, it was exactly what she had expected. Thora’s eyes went wide and one eyebrow raised. Her chest rose and fell faster than it had when she first came in.

“Like what you see?” she asked and Thora turned her attention to Vivian. Vivian knew that Thora had seen everything Uri had to offer but it had been a long time.

“Yes,” she said and Thora walked toward Vivian. When the two women were standing in front of each other, Thora put her hands on Vivian’s hips and leaned in to give her a kiss.

Even though they had been friends for a long time, this was their first kiss. Vivian’s hands immediately went sweaty again and she tried wiping them on her sides. She wrapped her arms around the other woman and kissed back. Thora opened her mouth for Vivian’s tongue. They were in perfect sync, their bodies as one. Thora pushed herself against Vivian and Vivian felt her friend’s soft clothes against her skin.

The two women were oblivious to Uri, who was watching intently as they kissed. Vivian was reveling in the feel of a woman wrapped in her arms. Thora was a little shorter than Vivan but they were close enough in height to be well matched. Thora stopped their kiss and both women pulled back, panting.

“I think you’re overdressed,” Vivian murmured.

“I agree,” Thora replied and she quickly stripped out of her clothes and tossed them on the floor. Vivian immediately drew Thora back into her arms. It felt great to have the skin to skin contact they were missing before. Although Vivian thought she had been turned on before, now she felt like she was going to go insane. She had a strong desire to grind her pussy up against Thora’s, but she wasn’t really sure how Thora would feel about it so she held herself back.

“I want you so bad,” Vivian groaned.

“Me too,” Thora moaned back. Uri came up behind them then and broke the spell. Vivian blushed realizing she had forgotten her husband was even in the room. Whoops!

“Do you want to take this to the bedroom?” he asked. His cock was standing proudly at attention. He was making no attempt to conceal it, but being naked, it would have been an irrelevant attempt.

“Sure,” Thora said, though she didn’t seem to care where they were. She was totally focused on Vivian. Thora’s attention relieved some of Vivian’s anxiety. She had been very concerned with the fact that Thora had once dated Uri. She had seriously questioned the advisability of going through with such a plan with an ex-girlfriend of Uri’s, but since they had tried so many other avenues to no avail, she had agreed to go ahead with it. But even with the warning bells clanging in her head, her body had reacted to the mere possibility of the women being together and so Vivian had gone against her better judgment in pursuing Thora. So far, though, things were going very well for Vivian and she wasn’t worried at all.

The three of them went into the bedroom, Vivian guiding Thora by walking backward. Thora keeping her eyes trained on Vivian. What was so hot about this? Vivian couldn’t even figure out what it was. Hell, there weren’t even any vibrators involved yet. That’s what she really had her heart set on.

Uri was well aware of his wife’s preference and he demonstrated his support by getting the vibrator from the bedside table immediately upon entering the room. It was a vibrator that plugged into the wall. The cord could be annoying but then again, there was no risk of the battery running out. Pros and cons, as with all things.

Thora took the vibrator that was offered to her and she crawled onto the bed after Vivian. Vivian was laying back with her head on the pillows and her legs spread wide. Her pussy glistened in the soft lights Uri had put on when he entered the room. Thora positioned herself between Vivian’s legs and pressed the vibrator against the other woman’s pussy. Vivian’s whole body spasmed with pleasure. “Oh god,” she groaned. Her eyes closed of their own volition and she sank deeper into the bed. Vivian’s whole body was relaxed now as the vibrations coursed through her.

Initially, Thora pressed the vibrator just at the opening of Vivian’s pussy. Then she alternated between slipping it deep inside and sliding it up to pulse on Vivian’s clit. She would even pull the other woman’s pussy lips apart enough that the vibrator would rest right on the small pink nub.

Vivian thought she would lose her mind. Every time she got close to orgasm, Thora would move the damn vibrator. Her whole body felt like it was being torn in two. She couldn’t actually decide if she wanted the orgasm to rock her body and leave her limp on the bed or if she wanted the vibrations to keep coursing through her without end.

On one of the transitions between the vibrator being in her pussy and being on her clit, Vivian opened her eyes and was surprised by what she saw. While she had been wrapped up in her own world with Thora, Uri had been busy. She saw that Thora had positioned herself on the bed with her ass in the air and Uri had positioned himself behind her. It appeared that he was gently fitting his cock into Thora’s pussy. Or ass, maybe. Vivian couldn’t tell. She felt as though she should feel jealousy or anger or something, but she realized that she wasn’t bothered at all. In fact, as Uri positioned himself and began to thrust inside the other woman, the only emotion Vivian felt was desire. Hot, liquid desire as she watched her husband fuck the woman who was giving her pleasure.

Vivian groaned in appreciation as she watched the look on Thora’s face change as Uri entered Thora. Her face had been relaxed but anticipatory at first, but then her face closed off, her eyebrows getting closer together, her eyes squinting shut, her lips parting in a small gasp. When Uri had buried his length inside Thora, she dropped her head down and Vivian no long her a clear look of the other woman’s face. She turned her attention to Uri who had been looking down where his body joined Thora’s, but then he looked up and made eye contact with his wife. There was fire in his eyes. His gaze burned into her and he began to move inside Thora.

Thora moaned in time with his thrusts but it was clear that she was making a concerted effort to continue to please Vivian. Thora continued pleasing the other woman, sometimes teasing her and sometimes giving her just what she wanted. Vivian was bucking against the vibrator. Usually, she would close her eyes and concentrate on the feelings of the vibrator against her body, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of Uri and Thora. It was hot to watch, even with the limited amount she could see.

“Oh god,” Thora groaned. “Oh please fuck me harder.” He didn’t respond verbally but Vivian could feel the bed rock faster as he obliged Thora’s request.

Vivian could tell he wasn’t going to last long. His whole body tensed and stilled inside Thora. He was quiet about his orgasm as he filled Thora was his seed. Thora nearly went limp, groaning as he came and pulsed inside her. Vivian could only imagine that Thora squeezed her pussy tight around him because he hissed between his teeth at something she couldn’t see and then sat back on his heels, his cock coming free of her pussy.

Vivian realized that she desperately wanted to taste the combination of the two other people she was sharing her bed with. “Uri,” she called, “can I clean you up?” Her voice was strained with the effort of keeping her voice steady despite the vibrations flowing through her.

“Yes,” he replied, though his verbal response wasn’t necessary. Even though he was moments post-orgasm, he was up and moving toward her. He positioned himself so that his cock was right at her face and she took him into her mouth. The combined tastes were impossible to describe but Vivian enjoyed it immensely. She could taste the familiar taste of her husband underneath the coating from Thora’s pussy. She was gentle with Uri’s soft cock, not wanting to get pushed off before she was ready.

He moaned softly and squeezed his eyes shut as she licked and gently sucked. “Do you want some more?” Thora asked, teasing.

“Sure,” Vivian said. The word tumbled out of her mouth before she could stop it, though she recognized that it was true. She would be happy to suck her husband’s cum out of the other woman. Thora climbed on top of Vivian without disrupting the buzzing of the vibrator. She positioned her pussy right over Vivian’s face and Vivian had to move only inches to reach her tongue out and touch the pink softness above her. She licked tentatively at first and then with more earnest desire. Delicious!

She moaned softly and the vibrations must have been driving Thora nuts because she started bucking her hips. “Wait,” she said after a few minutes and she moved her hips so she was just out of Vivian’s reach. “I don’t want to cum,” she said.

Vivian was surprised by the statement. Why wouldn’t she want to cum? It made no sense to Vivian. All she wanted was an earth shaking orgasm which she knew was imminent.

“Okay,” she hissed, and Thora lowered her pussy back down. Vivian licked and she could taste Uri’s cum now dripping out of Vivian’s pussy. She lapped up what she could, swallowed, and went right back to it. She was careful to stay away from Thora’s clit so she wouldn’t make her cum.

Vivian knew that nothing was going to stop her orgasm though and she abandoned all pretense of licking Thora’s pussy as her orgasm overtook her. She felt it like a cresting wave. It built and built and then crashed over her. She collapsed totally on the bed, unable to do much of anything. The vibrator was still pressed to her clit but her legs were closed tight.

“You know, I can’t take the vibrations away if you don’t open your legs,” Thora chided teasingly. Both women knew there was only so much Thora could take of the vibrations before she would be ready to lose her mind.

With effort, she parted her legs and the vibrations stopped. Thora climbed off of her. “Can I make you cum?” Vivian asked Thora quietly. She wasn’t sure why she was feeling so shy about it.

“No, but thank you.”

“Why not?”

“Because now I will spend the rest of the day tormented by the fact that I could have had an orgasm, maybe more than one, but I didn’t. Instead, I’m still slowly dripping Uri’s cum and I can still feel your tongue on me, but I am left wanting.”

“Oh,” Vivian said. She wasn’t really sure what to say.

Uri chimed in, “Thora loves to be tormented in all sorts of ways. Don’t worry, it’s nothing against you.” Uri and Thora shared a knowing smile that did bother Vivian just a bit.

“Okay,” she said, but she wasn’t really sure it was okay. It didn’t quite compute for her but she wasn’t about to rape the other woman so she would respect her wishes regardless.

Within an hour, Thora had cleaned herself up enough leave and Uri and Vivian were cuddled on the couch. Vivian’s phone chimed and she got up off the couch to check it. Wendy Wyre had texted her. Wendy knew that Vivian was doing something she was nervous about but she hadn’t given Wendy all the details.

Wendy: Hey. How’d it go?

Vivian: Great, I think.

Wendy: You think?

Vivian: Yeah, I’m still processing.

Wendy: Want to process over a drink?

Vivian: Yes!!!!

Wendy: Now?

Vivian: YES!!! Let me check with Uri.

“Hey, Uri,” she started, tentatively.

“Yeah?” he asked, focusing his attention away from the television to her.

“Wendy asked me to go out for a drink. Is that okay with you?” She didn’t really need his permission but she also didn’t want to leave and go out without talking to him about it first.

“Yeah, sure,” he said and before she was even out of the room, he had switched the television over to the sports channel. Vivian rolled her eyes and she went into the bedroom. Of course he was glad to be rid of her for a few hours. He enjoyed watching sports way more than she did and out of kindness, he rarely watched them when she was around. She sighed with relief and got ready to go out with Wendy.

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