#AtoZChallenge Reflections

A-to-Z Reflection [2016]

If you have perused my blog, you know that I have never really blogged before now. But then my friends Jamie and Nicki suggested I check out this A to Z Blog Challege and, well, it was pretty awesome! I didn’t quite get there, unfortunately, since I didn’t have enough time in my hectic schedule to pre-write, ut the alphabet idea took hold of me and I already have ideas (plans even!) for next year.

My biggest hang up was the end of April got really busy. So in the beginning, I was ahead and even had time to edit. But the time I got toward the end, I was literally writing at high speed and posting without even giving it one read-through. (This was particularly difficult for my perfectionistic self!) In the end, I’m really glad I did it. I have a great draft to work with, and I am committed to finishing out the last 5 letters! So thanks to all my readers and commenters and my cheerleaders as I took this journey for the first time. I look forward to more!

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