L is for Lifeguard – Part 2 #AtoZChallenge

Here is the next installment to my Second Week Favorite!

If you didn’t read L is for Lifeguard, you’ll want to go back and read that first. If you don’t know what’s going on, check out my Theme Reveal for full details. Don’t forget to vote for 3rd and 4th week favorites and come back next week for more!

I know I’m late on the 2nd week one, but I’ll be back on track for Weeks 3 and 4!

On second thought, maybe I woke up in hell.

Having Jake standing above me, looking like he had just had his mouth pressed against mine was sexy as hell, but then reality set in. My ribs hurt, a lot. My head was pounding. My vision was blurry.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

I tried to nod, but it hurt too much. When I tried to speak, I had trouble getting my mouth to work. Finally, I choked out, “Yes.”

“Don’t move,” he instructed. “EMTs are on their way.”

EMTs!? I didn’t need an EMT, I just needed to get up. People were congregating all around us, but I couldn’t see my daughter. I wanted to look for her, but Jake was holding my head.

“You might have a neck injury,” he said. “I need you to keep your head still.”

“My daughter,” I choked out.

“You have a daughter?” he asked, “Here?”


“I’ll have someone find her. What’s her name?”

“Julie,” I said. My voice sounded hoarse, but it was coming back slightly.

Jake looked away from me and spoke to someone. His hands never left the sides of my head.

My vision was clearing, and I really wanted to sit up. “I think I’m okay,” I said.

“No,” Jake said. “Your head is bleeding, there’s already a nasty bump on it, and you were passed out for more than a minute. The EMTs need to check you out.”

Even as I was lying there, frustrated, I found myself slightly turned on by how forceful Jake was being. I liked a man who could be in charge.

I heard someone say, “Jack,” and Jake looked up. Maybe I was wrong about his name… maybe it was Jake and not Jack. Crap, that was going to be hard to switch in my head.

The next thing I knew, the EMTs had arrived, my daughter came over and started crying when she saw me. They were asking me who they could call to take care of Julie, but I couldn’t come up with an answer. The next hour was a whirlwind. The EMTs examined me and put me in the ambulance. I kept asking for Julie, but they just kept assuring me she was fine. I was having trouble staying awake, and as much as it was bothering me that I couldn’t do anything, I was just physically unable to.

I don’t know how much time passed before I became coherent again. And all of this over a stupid fall at the pool. I woke up, finally clear-headed, mentally berating myself for not being more careful.

I looked around the room and found that I was alone in a hospital room. I sat up slowly and found that I wasn’t dizzy, though I did feel weak. I was about to call the nurse when the door opened. Julie saw that I was sitting up and launched herself into my arms. I caught her easily and held her to me. Breathing in her scent, I was so comforted by her little arms around me.

“Mommy, you’re okay!”

“Of course I’m okay,” I said, and I discovered just how hoarse my voice was and how dry my mouth was. I hadn’t noticed how bad it was before.

Jake, no Jack, was suddenly there. He must have walked in with Julie, but I had been so fixated on her that I hadn’t noticed. He was handing me a cup of water. I drank gratefully and then looked up at him. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” he said with a smile.

“How long have I been here?”

“Thirty-six hours.”

My eyes went wide. “Really?”

“Yeah,” he said.

“How long have you been here?”

“Thirty-six hours,” he replied.

I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say. But Julie took over.

“We followed you over in the ambulance,” she said. “And then Jack hung out with me until they would let us back to see you. Everyone was really nice to me. Jack got me food. And then we got to have a sleep over here! I slept on that couch, and Jack slept on that chair,” she pointed out the small couch and reclining chair that adorned my hospital room.

“Wow,” was all I could say.

Jack sat down on the recliner and watched me. I suddenly had the realization that I must look a complete mess. I self-consciously smoothed back my hair. I had put it in a ponytail in the pool, so I took the tie out and tried to smooth it back into something reasonable. Jack’s gaze was still locked on me, and I felt my cheeks burn.

Jack just looked at me and smiled.

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