TMI Tuesday!

I missed last week, but here are this week’s TMI Tuesday Questions. Comment with your link if you participated!

1. If you had a whole week (no work, no kids) to do things with your significant other, what would you do?

Go on vacation. I would want to be out of the house so no other responsibilities either. Something all inclusive where we can spend lots of time in bed.

2. What is your idea of a long-term relationship?

My current relationship has lasted 14 years, so definitely at least a few years.

3. What is a healthy relationship?

A relationship with mutual respect. Listening, talking, compromise.

4. How did you meet your current (or last) lover?

The internet!

5. What is the first thing you do after having sex?

Clean up, so I can cuddle. I don’t like being a mess, so a bit of cleanup has to come first.

Bonus: Do you have any bad habits that you hide from your significant other? You can tell us…or not.

I’m pretty open with my significant other. I honestly can’t think of anything that he doesn’t know.

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