Last chance to vote! #AtoZChallenge

Voting is now open for the two favorite stories I continued in May:

L is for Lifeguard vs. Y is for Yes

In April, as part of the A to Z Blog Challenge, I posted a story for every letter of the alphabet. By combining likes, comments, and votes, I determined the favorite from each week and they got a continuation.

In June, I posted the continuation of those four stories. I apologize for not spacing them out as I intended, but life (and travel got in the way). So I have whittled it down to L is for Lifeguard vs. Y is for Yes.

Next week begins CampNaNo, during which I have a goal to write 100,000 words, splitting my time between writing the novel for whichever of those stories gets the most votes, and a new writing project I am working on with two friends. This is your last chance to vote and your last chance to be the one lucky winner who leaves their email* on the Google Form will get a free copy of the finish ebook!

*I do not have an email list and will not email you or sell/give away your email address for any reason and will only contact you to tell you that you’re the winner and give you the book. So no worries about entering!

Voting is now open for the last two. You can like the post, comment on it, or vote by clicking the link below. Thanks to everyone who has participated so far! The end is near! I will leave voting open until the end of June!

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Here are the brackets thus far:

Web Mind Map June


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