I had a lot of trouble keeping up with reading all the amazing blogs I have found. Most were from the A to Z Blog Challenge, and comments on those other blogs led me to more amazing blogs. I followed all of them and subscribed to emails so I would see the new posts. That was all fine and dandy until I didn’t look at that email for a month. Oops.

For the last couple days I have been working really hard to get through them all, read and comment. And today I did it!

I also want to make sure I keep my own blog up to date. I’m not sure who out there keeps coming back, but I have hits on the site every day, so someone’s checking for new content!

Let me know if there’s anything you want me to talk about here besides uploading fiction.

Speaking of fiction… I have been working on editing Y is for Yes, which was the ultimate winner of the 26 stories I started in April. It’s all written now! So, it’s just a matter of editing, cover art, and formatting and then I can get that out there!

I am hoping to be able to do it by the end of August, so stay tuned (and feel free to poke me about it)!

One thought on “Success!

  1. Yay for accomplishments!

    Other topics? What you’re reading, what fun new toys you’re “researching,” maybe what events are coming up that’ll you’ll (virtually) be attending?

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