I have been following the Writing Is Communication Blog for a long time now thanks to the A to Z Blog Challenge (which is coming up again! You should sign up for it!).

For the month of March, Shari Marshall from Writing is Communication has offered for her readers to share things they are thankful for. Yesterday, she suggested listing moments you were ecstatic.

I hate to steal some of hers, but they are so true!
1) The night my husband proposed. I wasn’t expecting it at all, but there was the ring. And here it sits on my finger more than 10 years later. I am so excited to celebrate 10 years together this summer.
2) The day we got married. It was such a stellar day. From start to finish. The issues we had (because of course there were issues) were funny, and at the end of it, I had a great time sharing my love with all my family and friends.
3) The day my daughter was born. She was so perfect and precious. She tried our patience a short while later and continues to do so to this day, but that’s kids, eh?
4) The day I got my dream job. I was offered a job doing exactly what I wanted right out of college. I celebrate 11 years there this year, and I’m so grateful that they took a chance on me.
5) The day my first novel was published. It was so cool to see the sales go! Meager, yes, but still!

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