#AtoZChallenge R


R is for Religion

from Rebekah Loper’s book called The A-Zs of Worldbuilding: Building a Fictional World From Scratch

Zebulon is founded on equality and choice. Everyone is allowed to choose their own religions and they often share the public meeting spaces so they can worship in their own way. Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, and many other religions exist. There are also people who are Agnostic or Athiest, and that’s okay, too. Religion is not something that is pushed on members of the community, and certainly their morals are not founded in religion but in community.

Above you see my description that I wrote based on the extensive questions in The A-Zs of Worldbuilding. Religion doesn’t take a large role in Exploration: An Erotic Novel, so here’s a random chapter! Enjoy an excerpt from Chapter 16.

Remember this (and most) of my posts contain adult content!

My hands explored his muscles, then slipped around his back and held him to me. His lips pressed against mine, and our kiss became almost frantic. It wasn’t that slow exploration we had shared before. These kisses became short and breathless. He kissed down my jaw, behind my ear, then back again. I gasped and moaned and tried to capture his lips with my own.

When he found his way down my neck to my collar bone, he practically buried his face against my skin. I felt that there was just enough stubble on his chin to scrape against my skin, and it tingled and felt wonderful.

“Mara,” he practically moaned against me.


He pulled his face back just far enough that I could hear him clearly. “Can I take your virginity?” he asked.

Fuck yes, I thought, but I just nodded, biting my lip and feeling both nerves and excitement flood my senses.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, sounding a hell of a lot more sure than I felt. But this is literally what I had picked him for. Even though he was a stranger, and this was the longest conversation we had ever had, I wanted it so much.

He kissed me again, his tongue probing my mouth. This kiss felt different, more tender, more full of emotion. It was like he was thanking me for trusting him.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and held him close to me, loving the way our skin felt pressed so close.

He broke the kiss and pulled back far enough that he could look into my eyes. “I am very excited to fuck you, Mara, but before I do, I want to make sure you are good and ready.”

I felt like I was ready. I wanted it. I didn’t know what all it would entail, and the rumor was that it might even hurt the first time, but I didn’t care. I wanted it. I was ready for it. But, it turns out, I had no idea what he meant by “good and ready” because I most certainly was not.

Who is going to take Mara’s virginity?

Will she really be ready?

Find out all that and in Exploration: An Erotic Novel available now! Or come back tomorrow to learn more!


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