#AtoZChallenge U


U is for Universe

from Rebekah Loper’s book called The A-Zs of Worldbuilding: Building a Fictional World From Scratch

There are communities like Zebulon that consist of 25 buildings and about 2000 people. There are about 20 of these cities all over what used to be the United States. Beyond that, they don’t know what exists. They have no way of contacting beyond their borders, and the seas are much more rough than they used to be, land travel has become nearly impossible with debris, so they stick to themselves and that’s fine.

They believe that other civilizations must have survived the nuclear winter, but they don’t know how many people or how well they survived.

Above you see my description that I wrote based on the extensive questions in The A-Zs of Worldbuilding. Read on for an excerpt from Chapter 9 in Exploration: An Erotic Novel.

Remember this (and most) of my posts contain adult content!

Chapter 9: An Unexpected Visitor

I lay on the bed, panting, my shirt discarded on the floor. “Fuck,” I whispered. “Let’s ignore it.”

“What if it’s Kelly?”

I groaned. James rolled off of me, and I grabbed my shirt. “Just a minute,” I called, and then grumbled under my breath about why our mentor would be here now. I got it back on, smoothed out my hair, and opened the door to find someone I did not expect.

Lori was standing outside my door.

I blinked at her in surprise, not sure what to say. Why would the representative of our building be here?

“Hello, Mara,” she said, and her tone was very matter of fact.

“Lori, hi. What can I do for you?”

She looked past me and saw James, who had moved to sit on my couch. “Ah, James, I didn’t realize you were in here.”

“Hello, Lori,” he said politely. I looked at him and noticed that his hair was mussed in the back where I had had my fingers in it mere moments before.

“Are you all packed for tomorrow, James?”

“Not yet, but I will be.”

“Why don’t you go get started. I have some things I need to talk to Mara about,” she looked at him pointedly, “privately.”

“Sure,” James said as though it didn’t matter, but he gave me a sorrowful look.

Lori didn’t speak until the door was closed, and James’ footsteps had died away. “I assume you read your letter,” she said. She sat down on the couch and motioned for me to sit in my own desk chair like she owned the place.

“Yes, of course,” I replied.

“And I assume that you noticed there was a lot of missing information.”

“Yes,” I said. “I would have asked a question, but I wasn’t even sure what to ask.”

“I understand,” she said, and it sounded like she was trying to be motherly, but she was failing miserably. She was trying a half-hearted smile, though.

“So, why are you here, Lori?” I went for the direct approach.

“I wanted to give you some more details.”

Great. I waited.

What are the details?

Why did she send James away?

Find out all that and in Exploration: An Erotic Novel available now! Or come back tomorrow to learn more!


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