Vote…vote…for the love of…

Please vote. Please.

I try not be too political here (because I need a mental break for it and I am very political on my personal pages).

But for the love the world, please vote. I won’t even tell you how to vote, because obviously that’s your right to choose. (Though if you have half a brain, you won’t vote for the current power.)

Why should you vote?
Vote for the children.
Vote for the people who don’t look like you (or maybe they do).
Vote for the people who don’t have a voice.
Vote for the people who didn’t make it to the election.

And this is the point where I have to stop writing because I think of the kids separated from their parents, the people who’ve died at the hands of those who were supposed to protect them, the people who’ve had their rights granted and taken away, and face them being taken away again…

Just please go vote.

3 thoughts on “Vote…vote…for the love of…

  1. Agree totally – VOTE – although as an expat Brit living in Idaho, I’m voiceless. The last time I was able to vote was in North Wales against Britain leaving Europe. Also I voted for the Welsh Nationalist in the General election and she was elected to Parliament,


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