The Eve

Most people get excited about October 31st because it’s Halloween. There’s Trick or Treat and Candy galore and costumes and parties…

I get excited because at midnight, I get to start my favorite month of the year. Except this year it’s going to be TOTALLY different. I remember thinking about this night back in March, and how we had to be through this pandemic by then, because how could November come without parties and Thanksgiving dinner and NaNo events and midnight-write-ins and 24-hour marathons and Panera!?

And yet here we are, facing a month of virtual events.

I don’t write well at home. I never have. Too many distractions. If I’m being honest, there may be a lot of evenings spent sitting in the Panera parking lot, crying and missing my friends. But even though 2020 has taken a lot from me and a lot more from many others, it will NOT take NaNoWriMo from me.

So join me in reclaiming November, finding our voices again, and reaching our goals. We write at Midnight.

2 thoughts on “The Eve

  1. You can do this!
    I totally understand where you are coming from.
    I miss my friends everyday and staying at home all the time takes such a toll on me. Especially when you are used to spending 8+ hours out of home.
    Hang in there
    Sending you lots of warmth and hugs
    Dream ❤


  2. Yeah. Pretty tired of this year. I hope your NaNo went well. I hear you made a new friend in our region.
    I hope your November went as well as it could and that you’ll experience joy in the coming holiday season.
    There’s a giveaway on my blog that ends today, if you’re interested.


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