G is for Gag

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Good news for us! It was both! Not sure if it’s so good for Phillip though…

G is for Gag

by Richard

Like everything else, the Dungeon Mistress’s examination of the toy rack was carefully planned for suspense. She knew exactly what she’d be getting next and exactly where it was. Bottom row, front side, third from the left, was a ring gag. She took it, then spun the whole thing around, revealing the other side to the audience. 

“And now, it’s time for a little audience participation. As you can see here, I have a selection of strap ons in all kinds of fun sizes and colors. Red, green, blue, ridged, spiral, too big, too small, just right… If you were all good and followed my orders before the show, you’ll have our app on your phones. Take a minute to vote on which one I’ll use while I get ready.”

She slid her legs into the harness, adjusting the straps, leaving it a bit loose so she could fit the dildo in later. Then she walked over to Phillip, twirling the gag in front of him. 

“Any last words, slave-boy?” she asked with a wink.

“What can I possibly say that you won’t use as an excuse to punish me, Mistress?” he asked.

“Smart boy,” she said, forcing the ring between his teeth and securing the straps behind his head.

“Alright, let’s get the results upon the boards,” she said, gesturing to either side of the stage. “Oooh, Kelvin. I haven’t played with him in a while.” She walked back to the rack and grabbed the two-toned pointed dildo, the texture scaley like a dragon’s hide.

“Fun fact: Remember when that big container ship got stuck in the canal a few years back? Bad Dragon had to put out an apology tweet since apparently there were a couple crates of these babies on there. Those of you who listed this as an ‘educational’ vacation totally aren’t lying now. Although I’m sure you all had plans to visit one of our enlightening seminars anyway.”

She slid the dildo into place on the harness and walked back to Phillip, kneeling down with her legs on either side of his head.

“Did you ever wonder what dragon dick would taste like? Apparently, it’s about the same as griffins, dinosaurs, tentacles, and all kinds of other fun magical beasts. Isn’t that funny, slave?”

She slid the dildo past the ring, making it about halfway in before he gagged a little. “Oh, should I have fucked your mouth with my heel a bit more to warm you up first?” She pulled back just a bit, then dipped back down. 

She forced herself a bit deeper on each thrust, one of the cameras coming in close to make sure the audience got a good view. Drool connected Phillip’s lips to the base of the toy while more dribbled down his throat, blending in with the shine of the latex.

“Someday, I’m going to fuck the gag reflex out of you, slut. And lucky for you, I can do this all day. I know you’re used to getting the guys you suck off to cum by now. I say, never send a man to do a woman’s job.”

Still, in spite of her taunts, The Dungeon Mistress couldn’t deny that she was starting to get wet behind the strap-on. She shoved her hips down, forcing the full length to lodge itself in his throat, moaning as she watched his eyes water.

“It turns me on so fucking much when you whores start crying,” she said.

Join me again tomorrow for H is for Hurt. Or maybe Horny. I’m bad at letters. Either way, poor Phillip. -Richard

One thought on “G is for Gag

  1. Yeah, I don’t feel too bad for Phillip at all. He knew what he was getting into. Exhibit A: ““What can I possibly say that you won’t use as an excuse to punish me, Mistress?” Exactly. LOL. Some people have to pay people to tell them what to do. For others, apparently it is recreational.


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