F is for Footwear

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Seriously, do you know how hard it is to get sub out of leather? Good thing Phillip is up for a good spit shine-tonight!

F is for Footwear

by Richard

The Dungeon Mistress lay down in front of him. She spread her legs wide and rose up on her elbows until she could hook her ankles around Phillip’s neck. 

“Kneel here, slave. I’ll be comfortable for this next part at least.”

She slowly pulled him down to his knees, her legs still raised. She slid the tip of her heels down his chest, grinding one into his tender nipples on either side, another moan forcing its way past the zipper on his hood.

“I’m going to let you in on a dirty little secret,” she whispered into the microphone for the whole crowd to hear. “He’d rather feel these than my pussy. Can you imagine? What kind of freak would rather rub his cock on heels than really fuck a woman. But you know better than to think you deserve to fuck a Goddess like me, don’t you worm?” she asked.

Her right foot went back up, the tip of her toes hooking under his chin to help him nod a few times before she kicked, sending his head snapping up and his back to the stage. It was a move they’d rehearsed countless times, and it always got at least a few gasps from the crowd, tonight included. In fact, the noise didn’t bubble down as quickly as they were used to, some people sounding legitimately upset. She rolled over to him, holding her lips inches from his, the microphone just above his zipper. “How’re you feeling, pet? Need your safeword or anything?”

“Noph, Mistreph,” he said, slightly muffled.

“You having fun?”

“If you awr, Mistreph.”

“Good boy.”

She stood up, putting the point of one heel right in the center of his chest. “Mmmm, you know, you’re really a lucky little bitch,” she said. “Most people would pay for this, and you get to do it every night for work. And you get all these people to watch you, which just makes it hotter for you, doesn’t it?” The tip of her other shoe grazed his rapidly rehardening cock, “It sure looks like it does. How about you, folks? How many of you want to take my purple pet’s place down here?”

A cheer erupted from the crowd, dozens of people waving their hands in the air.

“See, you’re such a lucky little slut.” She slammed her heel down just above his cock, grinding down on the base of his shaft.

“You’d think that would cut off the blood and make you go soft, but no, you’re just going to town.” She sat down on his chest, bringing her feet together in a heart-shaped frame around his hard cock.

“Can we get a close-up here? Let everyone out in the back see him twitch from having heels wrapped around his little joystick?”

One of the camera crew dashed out of the wings, pointing down at the scene, a view from above showing on the screens.

“Of course, I can’t let you get off again that quickly. And as long as we’ve got the camera out here, we might as well get some nice close-ups of you.” She leaned back, undoing the zipper over his mouth before spinning around. She teased the point of the heel against his lips a few times, his tongue visible, flicking out to taste it on camera, before she pressed it inside for him to suck.

“Mmmm, look at that little tongue go, and those cheeks, be careful you don’t turn yourself inside out.” She leaned back, head between her shoulders, to look at the crowd upside down. “And if watching him clean my heels makes you pervs think about what I know it does, feel free to come back for our extra-long Saturday night show. Purple here will show off with the Dungeon Master and me together. Double the pleasure, double the pain!”

She slowly slid the heel out of his mouth, pulling his tongue with it. She drug the side of her shoe across it, getting the start of an excellent spit polish going.

“I don’t think I’ve signed a shoe since we hired him. Folks, if you own any leather at all, get yourself a slave with a good tongue. You’ll save yourself so much time.”

But that was all the time they had for that part of the act, and she stood up, walking back over to the toy rack to choose her next tool.

Join me again tomorrow for G is for Gag! The restraint? The action? I guess you’ll find out! -Richard

3 thoughts on “F is for Footwear

  1. Man, almost liked this one is lieu of leaving a comment by accident before I remembered likes are votes. I feel like this is a riddle. No I do not know how hard it is to get a sub out of leather. Do you? LOL. Wow, your stories are more intense than the other person. I think I might not be the audience for this except that is funny in a blushing kind of way! Oh my. I may not be qualified to judge better/worse here. I can only comment on things like prose and narrative progression and character development and there is quite a bit of it here, like the subtext of the dominatrix who I’m sure really cares for this person’s needs which include the play of pretending to be a “worm.” But you can tell it isn’t entirely like that. I find that interplay interesting but could probably do with less graphic descriptions of people’s private bedroom stuff. But that’s me. Well done. Have a great day!


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