P is for Pool

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I’m back! Welcome to my next series, as the staff share the juiciest behind the scenes secrets of working at Lashes. Sometimes a little silly, always sexy, I hope you enjoy!

CW: Drowning

P is for Pool

by Richard

You’d think that being a life guard at the pool for a kink resort would be a great time, right? Lots of super form fitting bathing suits, including some that don’t cover up what they’re supposed to. I admit, my favorite is probably the guys whose owners march them in in gimp suits that cover everything except the parts that swim trunks normally do. And you definitely haven’t seen a game of chicken until you’ve watched two dommes that come in at about five foot nothing riding on the shoulders of a pair of giant subs. Most of the time they don’t even go for each other, they just take turns taking shots at the bottoms until they get bored. 

It’s not all fun and games though. We have to have some pretty strict rules about water sports. Wednesday nights, seven at night until ten only in the main pool. We do have some secondary pools you can reserve specifically for that.

By far the most challenging are the drowning fetishests. Sometimes, we take guest complaints, then match them up with the incident reports that caused them. Officially, it’s for training so we can see their point of view and look for places to improve or something. In reality, it’s mostly a way to blow off steam after we have to stop someone from killing themselves our their partner for the third time in a night. The best is when the person writing them is trying to turn the whole thing into an erotic novel or something. Here’s one I was involved in last week:

Incident Report: Guest, approximately thirty years old, female, smuggled a set of diving weights into the pool in her towel bag. Her accomplice, approximately twenty five years old, male, caused a commotion by splashing other guests, allowing her to put on weights and drop into the deep end. When I spotted her struggling and not surfacing I dove down, removed weights and pulled her out. She put up considerable struggle. Guest vomited when we surfaced, pool area cleared for clean up. She was escorted out by security, banned from pool, repeatedly shouting, “I didn’t use my safe word!”

Guest Complaint: I wish to complain about your life guard, NAME REDACTED. He behaved most unprofessionally last Friday. My boyfriend and I came to the resort to experiment with some of our kinks in what was supposed to be an accepting and supportive environment. Instead, I was harassed and assaulted by your staff. We went to the pool around one thirty in the afternoon. My pussy quickly soaked through the crotch of my bathing suit as I stared at the water. I opened my toy bag and checked the weights I was going to use for the scene, making sure they were safe, clean and intact. Once they were, I slipped them onto the belt and walked over to the pool. With about a hundred pounds on my waist, every step was a struggle. Anyone that looked would’ve gotten a flawless look at the rock hard nipples poking out of my top. I knew it was just a preview of how I’d feel once I was under water. I slipped the last two around my wrists and ankles, took a deep breath, then dropped into the water with a splash. I floated easily down to the bottom of the pool, feeling the rough concrete on my soles. I looked up, my eyes burned a little through the chlorine, but I could see people’s feet. It was kind of hot, any one of them could’ve looked down and saw me any time, but they didn’t, it was like I was invisible. I slid a hand between my legs and rubbed, letting the last of my air bubble out. My lungs throbbed, it was so fucking hot. My knees started to buckle from the mix of pleasure and lack of air. A moment later, something splashed into the water and swam down to me. I closed my eyes as I felt his hands on me, imagining him holding me down. Fuck, the only way it’d be better is if he shoved his cock in my mouth and started choking me with it while I drowned. I bet my spasming throat would feel so good around his cock.

Instead, he ripped the belt off my waist, dragged me out of the water, and started lecturing me. I didn’t even use my safe word. I won’t be back.

I tried something a little different tonight, I hope you all enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments, and remember to like. I’ve still got all those ponies for everyone! Up next: Q is for Quilt! -Richard

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