Q is for Quilt

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What? You didn’t think I could write kink about a quilt? Lashes has everything!

Q is for Quilt

by Richard

Of course, sometimes we get guest compliment forms too. Really, it’s not that different, they still sound like weird porn. This one is from my friend, Frankie (we don’t have to censer the names on compliment forms), who mostly works the front desk.

GUEST COMPLIMENT FORM: I would like to commend Frankie for their exceptional service last night. My Mistress and I checked in for our anniversary and noticed that our room only had eight blankets (despite the fact that we requested extra.) I was a little frustrated (Mistress kept me in chastity for a full week beforehand), but she told me to get into bed and get ready. Mistress always takes such good care of me. She put the sheets and blankets we did have over me. They were all fairly light, save for the duvet, which was stuffed with an absolutely heavenly down fill. We’ll be ordering one before we check out. Anyway, she put me on the bed (still in my cage) and started piling them on top of me. Now, my Mistress is the sexiest woman alive, so even that was more than enough to get me painfully hard, but it was our anniversary, so we wanted something special. I wriggled my foot and found it not even slightly restrained.

She called down to the front desk (I think she called someone a worm. I was a bit jealous, but even that turned me on), and Frankie came up not five minutes later with an armload of sheets and blankets.

Mistress asked them to stay, which they did, while she put the next set on. I wriggled my foot, still not enough for proper blanket bondage.

“Quilts,” she said. “We really need quilts if I’m going to get him properly bound; they’re nice and heavy for their thickness.”

It was summer. The low was eighty. There’s no way there should’ve been any quilts easily accessible. But Frankie, with the professionalism we’ve come to expect from Lashes, simply said, “Of course, Ma’am,” and headed off.

Mistress came back to the bed and sat on the end. She flipped the end of the covers out of the way and started lightly tickling my foot. The blankets made it a bit harder to struggle, not as much as I’d have liked, but enough that she overpowered me even more easily than usual.

I was wriggling and shivering under the blankets, on the verge of asking permission to cum, when Frankie knocked on the door. Complimentary interruption and blue ball service without even asking, absolutely impeccable. In they came with a luggage cart piled high. There had to be at least half a dozen good thick quilts on there, along with a handful of other blankets. I’m pretty sure that was when I started drooling on the sheets from both ends.

Needles to say, it didn’t take long for Mistress to get me properly restrained, adding one at a time, making me wriggle my foot after each one. The quilts were heavenly. I could feel them crushing down around me, trapping me in their warm embrace. There’s nothing quite like being bound by someone you love.

I think Frankie stuck around for a minute or two, then, seeing we were busy with our scene, slipped out without saying anything, just like a good servant should. Seen but not heard and all that.

A moment later, Mistress had slid her pants off and was straddling my face, about the only part of me still accessible. I take it back. Being bound by someone you love is excellent, but having the opportunity to pleasure them while you’re restrained is pure heaven. I slid my tongue out and over her folds, swiping it over her clit a few times. Every couple of licks, she would rise up a little, putting her dripping pussy just out of reach. Mistress’s self-control is incredible. When I pleasure her, she’s the one who has to stop me, easily forgoing her pleasure just to delay mine. Granted, she has other slaves she can go to if she wants to leave me wanting, but at that moment, it was just the two of us, and she still pulled away. Here’s to twenty years with the sexiest, in control, Dominant woman I know. And to Lashes, and Frankie, for making the weekend of a lifetime happen. You can be bet we’ll be back.

I’ll be back tomorrow with R is for Room Service. -Richard

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