A to Z Reflections

Welcome to our A to Z Reflections post!


I have to admit, having a co-blogger for A to Z made the whole thing MUCH easier. I did 14 posts to Richard’s 12 (plus I had some posts on the main A to Z blog), but it was definitely easier having someone to remind me to set up posts, write some of the posts, help edit the posts, etc. In general, doing the blog together is a wonderful thing. (Plus it’s great for our relationship!)

I didn’t get to go read quite as many blogs as I would like, though I did find a few new ones to follow already, so I’m very much looking forward to the Road Trip which starts tomorrow!


Doing A to Z was a fun way to get myself writing more. I think my favorite part was figuring out how to take my posts ideas and link them back to the themes. My favorite post was S is for Silent, even though getting all those emojis in there was a pain in the butt.

The Bet:

The results are in and the winner of the bet is…


We thought that a big part of that was that Jayden wrote the first three posts, so her average came in at 9 comments and likes per post to Richard’s 5. However, if we take out the first three days, Jayden still won with an average of 6, but it was very close!

Don’t worry, we’ll post pictures of all the great books and things Jayden picks up on her shopping spree!

Also, Richard said you can have one pony, even though he lost.

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