Happy Mother’s Day!

So first, a mea culpa: We didn’t get Chapter 10 of Vacation up this week. Sorry! We even wrote more than half of it, but just…didn’t make it. I’m going to blame shared custody of my daughter and divorce things. It was a very productive and good weekend, but it was hectic and busy. I’ve been very much enjoying my quieter lifestyle of late.

Anyway, we’ll be back next week with Chapter 10 of Vacation. Promise!!

– Jayden

Happy Mother’s Day!

We want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. Whether you’re a biological mom, adopted mom, bonus mom, step mom, furbaby mom, dad who had to be both mom and dad, or any other configuration, we want to wish you a pleasant day! We know how tough parenting is! (And also, lots of love to those who are struggling with their relationships with their moms and to those who’ve lost their moms. Hang in there!)

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