Z is for Zyon Part 3

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So the A to Z Blog Challenge officially ended, but I didn’t finish my story, so I’m back! If you’re just finding my blog, you only missed a handful of posts in this story. You’ll want to start with V is for Vacation.

Z is for Zyon Part 3

by Jayden

His breath came in ragged gasps, and his rhythm changed, and I knew it was time. I squeezed my ass around his cock, and he groaned into my ear, “That’s it, slut. Squeeze that ass tight for Master.”

I kept squeezing as he thrust the last few times before collapsing on top of me.

We stayed like that for a long time, his body covering mine, our feet planted on the floor. I wanted to lay down, but I couldn’t without getting him off of me, and I didn’t want to lose his softening cock. I knew that if we moved too much, he’d be out of me and wouldn’t be able to get back in. I could feel him spasming still, the slight movements magnified by the tight quarters. Every time he twitched, I moaned.

“I think you might like this more than the sex,” he said with a chuckle.

“I might, Sir,” I giggled.

Finally, he pulled out and extended a hand to me. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said.

He was very gracious as he took me to the adjoining restroom to get cleaned up. He offered me privacy, which I accepted. When I was done, I found him lounging on the bed, reading a book.

“What are you reading?” I asked.

He showed me the cover. It was a Science Fiction thriller I’d read the previous summer.

For some reason, I had imagined a professional Dominant wouldn’t do such mundane things as reading Sci-Fi. Apparently, I was wrong. We spent a few minutes talking about the book. I really liked the characters, and he felt similarly. It was odd, standing naked in a BDSM Casino Resort, talking about Sci-Fi books with the guy my best friend hired to have sex with me. Or, I guess, he wasn’t hired for sex specifically. He was just hired to dominate me. There was a difference, after all.

“So, tell me, how are you feeling so far? Do you need a break? Would you like some water or something to eat? Or are you ready to continue?”

I couldn’t quite process the way he was so caring. He didn’t even know me. Why would he care if I got food? What if he was developing feelings for me? Did that happen? Was that possible? Or was I just being paranoid? I didn’t live a Romantic Comedy, after all. “I feel good,” I said. “Are all Doms this nice?” I blurted out.

He laughed. It wasn’t a polite chuckle either; it was just a full-on laugh. I blushed. “I’m sorry,” he said when he got himself back under control. “It’s just, I knew that you were inexperienced, but I didn’t realize,” he let his voice trail off, and my blush deepened. “I’m sorry,” he said, his voice quiet and earnest now.

He gestured for me to come to him, and I did, despite being a little upset.

“Come here, little one.” He pulled me up against him in the bed, wrapping his arms around me. It felt very comfortable. “I’m sorry. No, not all Doms are this nice. All Doms should take care of their submissives, and if you ever have a Dom who doesn’t take care of you, you get out of there and don’t look back. But that doesn’t mean they’re all nice about it.”

“Why are you being so nice?” I asked.

“Because I believe in taking care of my subs,” he said. “I want you to walk out of here sore, full of cum, and grinning.”

I grinned up at him now, “That sounds delightful.”

“Good,” he said. “Well, I’ve filled your ass with cum. What’s next?”

“That’s up to you, Sir,” I said quietly, my face turning serious.

He smiled, “You’re a fast learner, little one.”

I smiled in return. “I try.”

He smiled again, “I like that. Now,” he pulled his arm out from around me, “suck my cock.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, and I slid down the bed and took his cock into my mouth. He was half-hard, and I was able to take him completely into my mouth. I loved it, sucking him lightly, swirling my tongue around the head of his cock. He groaned softly, and I smiled inwardly.

I slid up and down his shaft, tasting him. He tasted great. He must have used an unscented soap when he cleaned up because all I could taste was skin. He felt amazing against my tongue. I had never loved sucking a cock as much as I did in that moment. It was an oddly erotic feeling.

He kept moaning softly as I sucked him. “What a good little cocksucker you are,” he murmured, winding his fingers into my hair. He used his hold on me to direct my movements, making me move up and down on him faster and deeper than I was doing on my own.

I gagged a bit as he pushed me down onto his cock, and he pulled me back enough that I could swallow and breathe. And then he put me right back down. I struggled against him a little bit before he let me up a second time. My eyes watered when I gagged, and the tears streaked down my face.

“One more,” he said, and he wasn’t asking my permission, but I appreciated that he gave me notice, anyway. “Take a deep breath,” he instructed.

I did, and he held me down for a long time, my throat spasming around the head of his cock, tears running down my face, and my pussy aching to be filled again.

When he pulled me off, I was panting, mostly with arousal. “How did you like that, slut?”

“I loved that, Sir,” I said honestly.

“Good,” he replied. “Now, I want your cunt.”

I groaned softly, “Yes, please, Sir.”

“Up on your knees,” he said, rolling himself off the bed and allowing me to position myself right there in the center. He came up behind me, his hands running over my ass. “Your skin is so soft.”

I supposed that was a compliment, and I said, “Thank you, Sir.”

His cock slid along my slit again, but this time, he took his time. He was hard as a rock, and I could feel that just a little bit of pressure would slide him inside me. I wanted to put that pressure on. I wanted to press back against him. But I knew intuitively that that wasn’t what he wanted. If he had, he would have said so. See? I was learning.

Carly and Master Zyon’s story wraps up next week! Don’t miss the fun conclusion!

Also, don’t forget to come back on Saturday for the next Chapter of our collaborative piece: Vacation! I promise we’ll post it this time. It’s already written!

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