Vacation: Part 10

Welcome back to Vacation! We’re excited to share with you our next installment following Ivy and Mark on their cruise. If you missed it, start back here. We’re sorry we missed last week, but we’re back now! – Jayden and Richard

Ivy turned around and watched the two men as she backed up toward the bed. Her breasts were still bare, and she felt a little self-conscious about being half naked in front of Stephanos. She sat down on the bed, crab walking backward onto the bed, making a conscious decision not to cover her chest.

Mark chuckled, then walked over to the toy bag, still sitting next to the bed. “So, Stephanos, have you ever been fucked by a pretty girl before?” he asked, pulling out Ivy’s strap-on harness.

He raised his eyebrows at Mark and said, “Of course.”

It was Ivy’s turn to raise her eyebrows. She took the harness from Mark and pulled the straps on around her thick thighs. She adjusted to make sure everything was in place and sat on the edge of the bed. “Stephanos,” she said, clearing her throat, “you should suck my cock before I stick it in your ass.”

The bartender smiled, crawling onto the bed. “Of course. Anything for one of our guests,” he said. He kissed along the length of her cock a few times before swirling his tongue over the head. Meanwhile, Mark undressed, tossing his clothes in a pile on the floor, before climbing on to join them.

Stephanos licked and sucked the cock while Ivy watched. She wrapped her fingers into Stephanos’ short hair, forcing the cock further down his throat. “That’s a good boy,” she crooned before she let him go. “Are you ready to get your ass fucked?”

Stephanos grinned up at her, “Very. It’s been too long,” he said. He pulled his pants and boxers off, revealing his cock, already hard from sucking on Ivy’s.

Mark grinned, reaching down to trace his fingers over the curve of the other man’s balls lightly. “And I’ll have some fun with this while you do,” he said.

Ivy directed Stephanos to get into position on the bed, and she climbed up behind him. She made sure to leave Mark plenty of room to slip his hand underneath Stephanos’ body. She ran her fingers along Stephanos’ ass. It was very firm and warm. She raked her nails down his skin, and he groaned lightly. She let her hands drift down the backs of his thighs, making him squirm.

She slipped a finger into her mouth and then pressed it against his asshole. His muscles squeezed tightly in response, and she had to work to get her finger inside. But once she got one knuckle in, he loosened up and started to push back against her hand.

“Looks like an eager little slut,” Mark said to Ivy. His hand teased up Stephanos’s cock, lightly squeezing the shaft. “He’s definitely having a good time if this is any indication.”

“Mmm,” Ivy murmured as she worked her finger in and out of his ass. “Do you like that, Stephanos?” she asked.

He groaned out one word: Yes.

“Are you ready for something a little bigger?” Okay, so it was a fair amount bigger, but whatever.

“Yes, please,” he moaned, lowering his upper body down onto the bed, thrusting his ass in the air.

“Is he still having a good time, Mark?”

Mark pressed his legs apart, sliding between them, kissing his way up Stephano’s balls to the head of his throbbing cock. “Very.”

Ivy pulled her finger from Stephanos’s ass before generously pouring lube on the strap-on. She pressed the tip right up against his puckered hole and then leaned slightly into it. He groaned as the dildo started to slip inside of him.

Mark chuckled, “It’s hard when your girlfriend has a bigger cock than you,” he teased before moving around to the tip of Stephano’s cock and sucking on it lightly.

Ivy smirked at him, “This is fun, but there’s nothing like the real thing. Maybe Stephanos will get to have both and he can compare.” She pressed her hips forward, and the dildo started to slide deeper inside of him. “Relax, pet,” she said. “The more you resist, the worse it is.”

Mark pulled his lips off Stephano’s head with a POP. “Oh, pet,” he said with a smirk. “Someone is feeling switchy tonight. Better be careful, man.”

Ivy smirked again and rolled her eyes where neither man could see her. She thrust forward the last bit, burying the cock to the hilt. She gave Stephanos a moment to adjust, but then she started to move, slowly but deliberately, rotating her hips just a bit with each thrust.

Mark reached up, caressing the rough hair of Stephano’s chest gently under his soft hands. “Mmmm, just relax and let her work her magic. Just let go and enjoy yourself.”

Stephanos grunted into the blankets, but Ivy could feel the resistance lessen. As she pulled out on her next thrust, she slapped him across the ass, first on the right, then the left. She watched as his tight ass muscles rippled when she hit him, and the moan he let out told her that he was enjoying himself immensely.

Join Mark, Ivy, and Stephanos next Saturday to see what they get up to next!

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