Vacation: Part 1

Welcome to our next serial. A vacation cruise in eight (give or take) parts. Check back Saturdays to see what kind of trouble Mark and Ivy can get into in international waters.

Ivy and Mark walked up to the cruise terminal, their bags whisked away onto the ship. Ivy knew how to cut through the red tape to get them fast passed through the lines. It takes a surprisingly short amount of time to get onto the ship. It’s vast and ornate; every little detail is taken care of. Glasses of wine were handed to them as soon as they got onto the ship, and while most of the rooms were blocked off, Mark and Ivy’s was ready for them. 

“I love the special treatment we get as Diamond tier members,” Ivy said.

Mark smirked a little when he saw her with the wine glass in her hand, remembering their first date. She’d probably take a few sips, just enough to get a cute flush in her cheeks, and then pass it off to him. He sipped at his, looking around the room. Looking for something, she knew. She recognized the look in his eyes. She decided not to ask him what it was, leaving it to him to surprise her, and instead sat on the bed, patting the spot next to her for him to join her.

He did, slipping his shoes off and then stripping down, moaning softly as his naked flesh rubbed over the cool, crisp lines. He put his arms around her, tucking her tight against him.

“I packed more than I usually do for a trip,” he whispered in her ear. “I don’t know why I need so much more when I’m with you than when I go places by myself.”

“Maybe it’s because I’m high maintenance,” she said with a laugh. It was true that she was always prepared for everything, and carried a backpack with her everywhere. But overall, she didn’t need a lot of stuff.

He rolled his eyes a little, reaching for the duffel bag he’d personally packed and not let her see. The contents were fairly obvious; he’d sent her upstairs that morning and then came up with it ten minutes later. There was only one thing that could be inside. But she was always good about playing along with his “surprises.” It helped that even when she knew what they were, they never disappointed. He pulled the zipper open, revealing the majority of their toy chest. A wand, cuffs, plugs, dildoes, vibrators. Even her strap on, which surprised her a bit for this particular trip. And then he rummaged down to the bottom and pulled out a long box, wrapped in a bow.

“Open it,” he said. “I’ve had it for a month or so, it’s been so hard to save it, but I wanted to give it to you somewhere I knew you’d be able to wear it.”

Ivy took the box from Mark, rubbed her fingers along it, feeling the box’s rough texture and then the bow’s smooth silk. She loved the different sensations on her fingers, savored every second of it before fumbling to open it. As usual, she was a bit clumsy with it, her nervous fingers having trouble opening the box. But eventually, she got it, sliding the ribbon off and opening the box. Her eyes got just a little wide as she peered inside.

The smell hit her first. A scent that had been linked to him in her mind since a few months after they started dating. Warm, safe, and sexy, all rolled into one. Leather.

As she held the box, he slipped a hand around, lightly lifting the contents out on the tip of one finger. The collar hung down from it, light and supple. She traced one finger over the top and felt how soft it was. She could wear it for days, and it wouldn’t chafe. And then she remembered where they were. On a cruise ship. Hundreds of miles from home. Surrounded by people, they’d never see again. She’d probably take it off to shower or to go for a swim, but other than that… She could wear it for him the whole week.

“Like it?” he asked, smiling down at her.

“I love it, Master,” she said, grinning from ear to ear. She couldn’t wait to get it on, but she wanted him to do it. She knelt at his feet, “Will you put it on me please, Sir?”

Mark slid the collar around her throat, perfectly sized, of course. He slid the rings of the clasp over each other, securing the collar in place. He pulled a small silver padlock out of a small interior pocket and held it next to the front of the collar.

“You’re sure?” he asked. “I’ve never locked one on you before. They’ve always been ones you could take off yourself if you wanted to.”

“I trust you, Mark. You’re not going to leave my side. So if you want to padlock me, then padlock me. I trust you, and I love you.” She looked up at him with the pure devotion on her face she’s had practically since they met.

Click the lock caught, and he let go, wriggling the collar a bit to make sure it fit properly. He leaned in, whispering against her ear, “And now you’re all mine. You just better hope I let you take it off when this is all over.”

A shiver ran through her at his words, but she knew that she was truly his, in this moment and every other. She wouldn’t be here with him like this otherwise. Feeling the collar tight against her throat, her pulse beating against it, made her feel vulnerable, even though she was still fully clothed kneeling on the floor. Her knee-length skirt ruffled around her thighs, her tank top clung to her breasts and belly, and long silver earrings dangle, almost brushing her collar.

He reached down, taking her chin in his hand in a gesture she’d never even needed to be taught to obey. It was a simple instinct for her to follow the gentle hold he had on her. Soft and warm, not like the grip he usually used on her collar. She came up to her feet, still gazing up at him as he reached down to the hem of her top, pulling it up and over her head. He left it just over her eyes for a moment, her arms locked inside, one of his favorite ways to bind her if they didn’t have toys handy, but then pulled it off. There was no reason to. He’d brought everything he could possibly need to do anything he wanted to her. When she looked up into his eyes again, she saw the familiar hunger rising there. His gaze was resting on the leather collar.

She stood immobile and waited for his next command. She wanted nothing more than to be his good girl, and so she waited, feeling the collar around her neck, feeling bared to him, naked from the waist up. Her nipples hardened in the cool air of the room.

Mark reached around behind her, taking her bra off and tossing it over with her shirt. He leaned in, tasting her right nipple with his tongue for a moment before sinking his teeth into it. Her Master was never gentle with her nipples unless he wanted to tease her. His hands slid down her sides, carefully avoiding her most ticklish spots, sending only a tiny shiver up her spine, before sliding the skirt down to pool at her feet.

The skin on her hips was revealed without the skirt. Mark moved around Ivy to see the back of her, running his hands along her hips and over her ass, which was bare, except for a tiny strip of blue fabric running down the crack of her ass. It was the thong she wore the first time they were alone, and he’s kept it for her. She would always remember that first day, the opening of Pandora’s box.

He kissed her, one hand cradling the back of her head, the other gently on her cheek, flipping from the sadistic Dominant that drove her insane, to the man that loved her completely, in an instant. Not that there was a difference anymore. Maybe there had been the first time she’d worn the thong for him, but whatever thin line had separated the parts of her Master had been rubbed away years ago. When he broke the kiss, he whispered against her lips, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” she said. She remembered the first time he said it, remembered how he had said it first because he had made her kiss him first. The memory always brought a smile to her face. And even though that was years ago, the words still carried just as much meaning, if not more, than when he first murmured those words against her lips.

When he slid her panties down, she eagerly lifted one leg, letting him slip them off and toss them into the toy bag. That’s basically what they were; A toy for her to use to tease him or for him to jerk off on when she wasn’t around. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes for a moment, then stepped back. They both knew what would happen when he opened them. The position of his hands when he shoved her on the bed practically tattooed on her skin, the look in his eyes filling her dreams.

His dark brown eyes darkened, like a shade being drawn. That fine line between Dom and love is crossed again, and the look sent heat clenching through Ivy’s core. His jaw set in a firm line as he looked down at her like he would devour her. She fell back onto the bed, once afraid when she was pushed, but never afraid anymore. She bounced lightly on the bed, smiling up at her Master, feeling her pulse, the adrenaline racing through her veins just a little, wondering what he would have in store for her today.

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