Magic number: 524

Why is 524 the magic number you ask? Back in late December, one of those silly memes went around that was “You’ll have sex X times in 2021 with someone whose name starts with the letter A!” Well. I went through until I found the number of times it gave me (Jayden) for someone whose name starts with [Richard’s actual first initial], and the magic number was 524.

I sent it to him a fit of madness. Ha! How funny! We could never have sex 524 times in a year! So by a week in, we decided to track it for the year.

I’ll spare you the daily counts, but the goal is 524. We have had sex* a total of 301 times. The average per day we need is 1.44, and we are currently at 1.66. Pretty soon, we’ll only need one per day to finish out the year with 524. (Richard: Thank God.)

(Jayden: Like you didn’t enjoy it. *cue eye roll*)

Crazy, right? I never thought we’d even come close, but now it seems that it’s likely we will. So cheer us on from the sidelines, and feel free to suggest fun things to try!

*We declared a “sex” as oral or penetrative sex or mutual masturbation, but it does not necessarily result in orgasm.

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