What’s Good Wednesday? 7/21/21

We have a new feature!

What’s Good Wednesday?

We thought that we would take an opportunity on Wednesdays to share what’s good in our lives and (hopefully) you’ll share what’s good in your lives! Please comment below and let us know what’s good! Feel free to be vague or specific. We’re just happy to share good things!

This week, we’re excited to share that we’re on a writing retreat! Thank goodness because our writing goals have been…not reached as of late. Richard, however, did a big project for his grad program, so that’s a big weight lifted. Our vacation wrapped up and was a lot of fun. We packed in more activities in the three days we were home, and now we’re away again for our retreat. It’ll be great to see those numbers skyrocket. (We hope.) We each hope to write 50k+ this week, so that would put a huge dent in our deficit. Wish us luck!

We also participated in a “Newlywed Game” (I think they had some non-trademarked title to it). We didn’t do quite as well as we’d hoped, but we did win! We squeaked out the win with a tie breaker! There were many questions that we were very close, but just didn’t quite get the point. It was fun, in any case, and we got a ribbon and a bottle of wine to show for it.

Thanks for sharing in our good news! Please share some of your own!

5 thoughts on “What’s Good Wednesday? 7/21/21

  1. The Newlywed game is always fun, but I’ve seen it go horribly wrong a few times, particularly with brides who actually get seriously offended when the laughs are at them. It’s fun to play but you definitely need a sense of humour too.

    Sort of related, but we were given a bottle of wine by the reception staff when we went on our honeymoon. Our accommodation was a private booking and so by all accounts they wouldn’t have known anything other than that we had to collect a key, but the lady behind the counter gave us a bottle of wine and two week-long entertainment passes for the price of one – and she stamped them for our whole two weeks! We didn’t go anywhere abroad, we just went to Devon for two weeks, but it was still nice and oddly perfect for us.

    We’ve been enjoying the hot weather and practically eating our weight in chicken shashlik burritos. You can find the recipe here, if you like: https://www.gousto.co.uk/cookbook/recipes/chicken-shashlik-burritos-with-mango-yoghurt . Don’t worry about the nigella seeds – we found the recipe just as good without them! They’re absolutely perfect for a lighter dinner once it cools off a little 🙂


    1. I’m pretty sure the couple we were playing against had some words when they left… and they had been together for a long time. He couldn’t even remember her mother’s maiden name! Richard and I laughed and laughed, and he pointed out that he’ll tease me about the one I missed for a long time, and I agree, it was ridiculous that I missed it! Maybe it just helps that we’re such a new relationship, we’re still getting to know each other, but we also do have a very good sense of humor.

      That sounds like a great trip, perfect for you!

      Those burritos sound fun!

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      1. Ooh wow! I used to have cross words with Matt for saying that I was born in 1989 – the year his ex was born in haha. I’m an ’88 baby, though I think he’s getting better at remembering.

        Being able to laugh at and with one another is so crucial. Laughter builds trust, and trust allows you to make those jokes closer to the edge without causing serious offence. I can remember an argument that we had early on in our relationship because I jokingly said that Matt was being pathetic over a tiny cut on his thumb. I didn’t realise that it was such a big thing for him, but apparently he used to get called pathetic a lot at school because he didn’t fight the bullies. Now that he knows I won’t and don’t intentionally hurt him, he doesn’t get upset about things like that anymore and he gives as good as he gets! Keep hold of that sense of humour and you’ll both go far 🙂 You already clearly have a great team spirit!

        Thank you, it was.

        They are. I’ve made them for lunches again since! Haha

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