Role Reversal

Richard and I decided to mix it up a little bit with this series. Enjoy!

She looked down at her submissive, kneeling in front of her. Standing, he was much taller than her, but kneeling… She liked looking down at him, ready to serve her. His brown hair fell down over his forehead, and she resisted the urge to brush it back. She wasn’t here to be loving. She was here to be stern. Punishing.

“Is this outfit appropriate, Mistress?” he asked. A tight pair of black jeans that would give her trouble when she took them off framed his ass, with a light blue (her favorite) button-down on top. The collar around his neck jingled a little as he tried not to shake with nerves.

“It’ll do,” she said, feigning disdain. She hadn’t decided what she was going to do with him first, but she was enjoying making him tremble.

He looked down at her boots, nodding slightly. “This is why I like it when you take me out to the nude clubs, Mistress. Then all I need to wear are whatever marks you left on me or anything you wanted to write on my body.”

“Oh, don’t worry, pet. You’ll be naked soon enough.” She stopped resisting and ran her fingers through his hair, but as her hand went across the back of his head, she grabbed his hair and tilted his head back so he had to look up at her. “Tell Mistress why you’re here.”

He whined and went mostly slack in her grip, “To show off? To dance with? To fetch drinks?” he dropped off, then paused. “For whatever will please my Mistress?” he asked with a wince. 

“Did you forget so soon the mistake you made, pet?” She yanked on his hair a little harder.

He looked up at her, eyes wide, lips working to try to find the answer he obviously didn’t know, even as his cock started to bulge out of those jeans. “No, Mistress.”

“Tsk, tsk,” she said with a shake of her head. “Maybe you’ll remember once we get started.” She pulled him to his feet by his hair. He had to stoop a little with her grip on it once he was standing.

He came up to his feet, pouting a little. “I’m sorry, Mistress. You know I’m just a stupid slut for you to use. I’ll do whatever you want. I just have trouble focusing when you look at me like that…”

She let his hair go, and he stood up to his full height. But somehow, he still looked lesser than her. She rolled her eyes at him a little bit, “Well, of course you’re just a dumb slut for me. That’s why you need me to tell you what to do. Isn’t that right?”

“Of course, Mistress. I’m so lucky to have someone like you to tell me what to do. Otherwise, I’d probably just wind up getting drunk and going home with the first person that grabbed my cock. Your cock! I’m sorry!”

She laughed, but it didn’t sound amused. And then she brought her hand back and slapped him across the face. Anyone watching would think that she had hurt him the way he cowered in response, but she knew that he loved it. “That’s right, bitch. My cock. And anyone touching it had better have my permission.”

He moaned softly when she hit him, mouth hanging open and lip quivering as he looked into her eyes. “More. Please,” he whimpered, his cheek quickly reddening where she’d hit him, the first mark he’d gotten that night, but hopefully not the last.

“Pathetic,” she said under her breath, but she slapped him across the other cheek, keeping a tight hold on his hair.

He took a shuddering breath and nodded as best as he could in her grip. “I am. I’m lucky you even bother to slap me around, Mistress.”

“You are lucky. Now, you’re wearing entirely too many clothes. Take them off. All of them.” A crowd was gathering around them at the club. At first, there hadn’t been anyone in their area, but as the ringing slap was heard around the room, they were attracting viewers. She was glad.

He glanced around at the crowd, then reached down, starting to tug up the top of his shirt. He paused when it was over his head, her hand in his hair blocking him from pulling it completely off.

“I suppose I should let you go while you undress, slut,” she said. “Be a good boy.” She let him go and stepped back, watching him slowly undress for the gathered crowd of onlookers.

Thanks for checking out our story! Come back for more next week, and tomorrow, we’ll be answering some more Submission and Domination questions.

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