Eventually Ever After: Part 1

by Jayden

Those of you who have been around a while know that I used to do this blog solo. But “doing this blog” is a stretch, honestly. I created it to write for the A to Z Blog Challenge, which I quickly became a host for. But in between April A to Z, my posts were sparse. One year I managed to do a daily update on my NaNo words, but that’s about it. Otherwise, I have been super inconsistent.

Back in November, I met (and started dating) someone from my writing group, and we quickly realized that we write some of the same types of content and have similar writing styles. I asked if he would be interested in joining me as a co-blogger. And thus, my partnership with Richard was formed.

We started writing together officially in January (though we wrote often in December so we would have things ready to post) and continued dating. Throughout the last few months, TMI Tuesday has made it pretty clear that we’re in a relationship, not that it was a secret, but it was to many of my personal family and friends.

See, my husband and I were poly (“were” – did you catch that past tense?), and because of my job situation, I have kept my personal life, well, personal. Even my daughter didn’t know. She knew Richard, she’d met him many times, but she didn’t know we were involved. We were going to tell her, and then we didn’t, and in the end, it worked out that we didn’t say anything to her. If you had talked to October Jayden and explained what things would look like even in February, she would NOT have believed you, and she certainly would not have believed you if you told her where she would be in August.

But this blog is mostly anonymous. A few of my friends know it’s me, but there’s nothing I would say here that they don’t already know. So as Richard and I discussed ways that we can increase posting to the blog, he encouraged me to be more raw and honest with my readers and tell you the story of what’s actually going on in my life.

With the exception of TMI Tuesday, I’ve been pretty strictly focused on fiction. And that’s great, definitely in my comfort zone. But my life is interesting, and in fact, I am going to write it into a novel. It will probably be partially fictionalized, but the story is interesting. In April, I wrote a novel that was loosely based on my life and experiences, but there were so many parts that were SO far out there, it would be unbelievable.

So if you’re interested in hearing about the stranger than fiction story of how this blogger came to be where she is today, come back every Saturday from now until ?? to hear the tale.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see some new collaboration from Richard and Jayden!

4 thoughts on “Eventually Ever After: Part 1

  1. I am intrigued Jayden and thank you for sharing with us. From a person whose life has been filled with things that are coined as “you can’t make this shit up” because it is “stranger than fiction” I looking forward to following along!

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  2. Real life is definitely more interesting than fiction I think sometimes. Fiction is good, but I think people also know its just that, its fiction, it’s fantasy, and they want to know the real person behind it. I definitely don’t share everything online, but I am perhaps more open than some others. I will definitely be back and looking forward to reading more 🙂

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