In our last TMI Tuesday we said our next post would be an update to our 524 sexes, 1 million words, and a surprise. The first two parts are coming, but not quite yet. We’ve decided to give ourselves a few extra days because…


We were already going on vacation this week, and when we learned that there was no waiting period for a marriage license where we were vacationing, we decided that we were ready and we just wanted to get married. We had been talking about a wedding for a long time, and got engaged earlier this month. But with the pandemic and all, planning a big event just was more than we wanted to do right now. So instead, we eloped. It felt right to do something that was just the two of us. From the very beginning, our relationship has always had other people involved. Other people’s opinions, other people’s input, other people we were dating. This was just us. We met an officiant we’ll probably never see again, went to a beautiful park, and got married.

Our Eventually Ever After has arrived.

So now we’re Mr. and Mrs. and we couldn’t be happier.

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