Magic Number: 524 Sexes

Here is our final update about our 2021 goal to have sex 524 times in 2021:

We knocked it out of the park!

So, what does all that mean?

  • We had sex an average of 1.52 times a day.
  • We had sex 293 days or 80% of days.
  • We had sex a total of 555 times in the year.
  • We had 31 more sexes than our goal.
  • 44% of the time, we had only one sexual encounter per day.
  • One time, we had seven in a day. Twice we had six in a day. Seven times we had five in a day.
  • Of those seven times, three of them were the last three days of the year.
  • In the last week of 2021, we had sex 29 times. 19 of those were on our elope-moon.
  • In 2021, there was only one week we went down to less than four days.
  • There were only three weeks we had five or less sexes in a week. The lowest was four, and it was one week.

What did we learn from all of this?

  • Tracking how often we have sex is hard. We probably missed a few numbers in there because we thought it was once or twice, so we went with once.
  • Tracking how often we have sex makes it sometimes feel like a chore. “Oh, we’re falling behind, we should have an extra today,” or “Let’s just do this quick so we can put a number on the spreadsheet.” (That’s not to say that we don’t have a very active sex life naturally, but there are times when we are exhausted!)
  • We are glad that we tracked it, and we had a good time doing it, but we’re glad that it’s over. We’ll probably keep track in 2022, but just for curiosity’s sake.
  • Apparently we have a much more active sex life than most? Feel free to tell us we’re wrong and that you’re just as active!

Thanks for following along on our sex journey from 2021! We hope you had all got to have some lovely sex of your own!

2 thoughts on “Magic Number: 524 Sexes

  1. Definitely much more than Matt and me! We average twice a week, although I masturbate a lot because I definitely have the higher sex drive of the two of us. I think also, it depends on what you’re classing as sex? In 2021 I know that we explored (and enjoyed) oral sex and mutual masturbation just as much as intercouse, so that could or could not amp up the numbers, depending. Either way, do what works for you, have as much fun as you want to and whatever you do, don’t let sex get to feel like a chore!

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    1. We counted any oral or penetrative sex (as long as it wasn’t foreplay). We also counted weekly maintenance spankings, which sometimes led to sex and sometimes didn’t.


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