#Bloganuary 9

Hello readers! We’re back to post Bloganuary #9 on time!

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So here is the next installment. Day :

Day 9: What do people incorrectly assume about you?

Jayden: People incorrectly see me as this innocent woman. I have always appeared to be young and naive, but in reality, I am a kinky slut. Choke me, beat me, force me, tease me. I’m 100% there for it, with the right partner *coughRichardcough*, of course. But my clothes hide the delicious bruises and marks, so no one realizes unless I share that part of my life.

Richard: Mine are all about cooking, and how I must be terrible at it as a white man. We had a jewelry party a few months ago, and the saleswoman had to be told like 5 times that I was doing the cooking, not Jayden. Then she called me Susie Homemaker. It was awful. A month or so later, we gave some sourdough starter to a woman, and she kept brushing me off (it’s my starter, I’ve been keeping it since before Jayden and I started dating) to ask Jayden questions about it, even after Jayden told her she should ask me. I also get told (by people who haven’t tasted it) that I don’t season food, because I’m white. I’M ITALIAN, WE HAVE A WHOLE SEASONING BLEND NAMED AFTER US! And I don’t use it, because I want to be able to adjust the ratios.

(Jayden: Richard’s cooking is amazing. I’d be eating MUCH blander and less satisfying food if he weren’t cooking for me. He deserves all the credit! <3)

3 thoughts on “#Bloganuary 9

  1. On brother, unseasoned food is eurgh! My mum doesn’t season her vegetables (not even salt!) and it drives me crazy. We have one of those magnetic spice racks on our kitchen wall, we have so many different herbs and spices that we had to get two of them! Haha

    Have a look at The Date Night Cookbook on Amazon. I bought a copy for Matt for Christmas, but sort of also for us really!

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