#Bloganuary 20

Hello readers! We’re back to post Bloganuary #20 on time!

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So here is the next installment.

Day 20: What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

Jayden: This is mine. I took it back in 2016 when I was at the beach with my best friend and her fiancé (now husband). I laid down on the beach blanket and looked up, framed the picture, and took it. It was probably the first picture I took that I really loved that wasn’t of people or significant places, but just two umbrellas, saving me from burning in the bright sun. (Also, the umbrellas belonged to my grandparents and my grandfather passed away not long after.)

Two umbrellas are shown from underneath. The left one is all blue with blue flowers on it. The right one is stripped with pink, light blue, dark blue, and green.


Mine is from just before the eclipse in 2017. As the moon starts to go in front of the sun, you get these cool little crescent moon shaped shadows:

A small crescent shaped light appears against rock.

My favorite picture that I didn’t take is the first one after Jayden and I got married. I was supposed to look at the photographer, but I looked at Jayden instead.

Jayden: It was cute. I saw Richard looking at me, and I looked back at him. It’s a very cute picture.

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