#Bloganuary 21

Hello readers! We’re back to post Bloganuary #21 on time!

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So here is the next installment.

Day 21: If you could, what year would you travel to and why?

Jayden: I… don’t know. I would not want to go to my past, because I’m happy with the way my life turned out and I wouldn’t want to change it. So there’s no way I would want to go back and warn myself about something or anything like that.

I think I would go back to 1950 and see my grandparents get married. They were together for 60 years. High school sweethearts. I’d love to have seen them when they were young. (Bonus: I would get to meet my great grandmother who had Alzheimer’s by the time I knew her, and my great grandfather whom I only met when I was an infant.)

Richard: I’ll do Xanatos easy mode and go back to 2009 to have myself invest in Bitcoin.
David Xanatos

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