G is for Geography #AtoZChallenge

For this year’s A to Z Blog Challenge, Richard and Jayden are worldbuilding! Using Rebekah Loper‘s book The A-Zs of Worldbuilding as a guide, we have teamed up to give descriptions of the world we’re creating, along with snippets of what it’s like to exist in the world. Enjoy!

Background by Jayden for G is for Geography:

With dinosaurs roaming the Earth and the breakdown of civilization, the roads became impassable long ago. Cars stopped being produced, and the society doesn’t believe that anyone else managed to survive the harsh climate changes that are finally abating. They took a long tunnel that had been dug out of a mountain and closed off the ends so they could use it as a stronghold. Over the years, they dug out more rooms, and eventually worked their way into a cave system that keeps them safe. They had some technology and were able to use natural power sources. An underground lake and well give them plenty of fresh water. It’s a self-sufficient area.

Story by Richard:

“I think we can expand out towards Albany next year. There’s an old tunnel that lets out a few miles from the city, so we’d only need to clear the mouth and make it the last leg.”

“Has anyone scouted the tunnels yet? We can’t afford another incident like with the Dilophosauruses last year.”

“I have an operation plan for the Jesters drafted. I only need the council’s approval and they can go within the week.”

“What about Albany itself? A city that size could be full of nests, or other survivors.”

“Our last drone scan was about a year ago. It found a few heat signatures, but nothing significant. I’m hoping we can free up a few copters to fly over in the next month or so, but they’re getting quite scarce.”

“Taking Albany would go a long way to alleviating that. There’s sure to be large stocks of abandoned supplies and technology.”

“Agreed, but don’t forget what happened in Hudson last year. We can accommodate a family or a small group of survivors, but much more than that and people will start to ask questions. Worse, they may have answers.”

“And what about the roads? It’s one thing to send a few e-Jeeps on a scouting expedition, but if we’re hoping to bring back supplies they’ll need real cargo capacity.”

“The Europasaurus taming project is going well. They should be capable of handling any terrain between here and the city.”

“And if not, that’s a few less lizard mouths to feed.”

“We are not getting into this again. Reextinction is not a viable plan at this time. Loath as I am to admit it, we need the dinosaurs if we’re to have any chance of reestablishing a global society.”

“It’s disgusting to have to share the planet with the agents of our own near extinction.”

“I don’t see any way we can remove humans from the planet without getting rid of ourselves.”

Thanks for joining us for A to Z! Don’t forget to check out all the other blogs over at www.a-to-zchallenge.com and comment below if you’re blogging from A to Z!

Next up: H is for History

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