S is for Science #AtoZChallenge

For this year’s A to Z Blog Challenge, Richard and Jayden are worldbuilding! Using Rebekah Loper‘s book The A-Zs of Worldbuilding as a guide, we have teamed up to give descriptions of the world we’re creating, along with snippets of what it’s like to exist in the world. Enjoy!

Background by Jayden for S is for Science:

Well now. I know you’re expecting to hear about the science of how the dinosaurs were made. Well, how could I disappoint our adoring fans? It was just like in Jurassic Park, and the difference is (spoilers) that the dinosaurs run loose at the end like in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. We have until June 10th to find out how they resolve that one…

Story by Richard:

Mistress Chaos moaned as she leaned sideways on her couch, shirt half open. She reached down with one hand, rolling her nipple between her fingers and sucking in a breath. Her other hand trailed down her thighs, slowly rubbing over her clit. As her pussy lubed itself, she dipped a finger inside, lightly tracing the tip against her g-spot, driving a shudder up her spine. She bucked her hips and took a deep breath, reaching for the carefully sanded raptor claw dildo on the couch arm. She slid it in, grunting in pleasure when she got the angle just right, bucking her hips and riding it. It didn’t take long, the slightly pointed tip of the claw sending the perfect shock of pain to her core. Her muscles clenched down. Unlike the men who usually pleased her, the claw not complaining that she was breaking it like most of the men did. She bucked on it for a long minute before slumping back on the couch with a satisfied sigh.

“That’s Chaos Theory,” she groaned.

Thanks for joining us for A to Z! Don’t forget to check out all the other blogs over at www.a-to-zchallenge.com and comment below if you’re blogging from A to Z!

Next up: T is for Time

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