G is for… #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge 2023!

Warning: This is a kinky blog for adults only! We will be addressing topics of BDSM in our fictional posts!

Check out our first post if you’d like to start at the beginning of the story! Enjoy!

GASP! Grimacing and grabbing the table, Adelaide girded herself against the grueling jolt of electricity.

Crystal chuckled. “It’s good to see that my antics have an effect on you, Adelaide.”

“Yes, ma’am,” she murmured in response. Her manners were automatic.

“I do have such a good submissive, don’t I?” Derek said from his end of the table, smiling over at the group, but directing his attention directly at Adelaide.

“She is good, very good,” Crystal said, almost to herself.

Adelaide blushed with the compliments.

“I want you all to understand a bit about this particular submissive.” The group all turned to look at Derek and waited for him to continue. “When Adelaide came to me, she was broken. I think she thought she would never be whole again. She had had her heart and mind broken by a Dom,” he used his fingers to indicate air quotes around the term, “who made her feel like she wasn’t worth anything. He had convinced her that no one could ever love her and that she would never be good enough to serve any other Master.”

Adelaide looked away. Everything he was saying was true, and it was still somewhat painful to hear. Derek had taken her in six months ago, and she had done everything she could to please him, to show him that she was worth something. She never complained. But he was so different from her previous Master. Yes, he had tested her limits and pushed her to new heights, but he had respected her, given her a safe word, guided her, and taught her. She was grateful for every moment they had spent together, and though she didn’t know how this speech was going to end, she hoped that he wasn’t going to tell her she was actually worthless after all.

“But what that asshole didn’t understand was that Adelaide is capable of so much. She is authentic, brave, captivating, daring, energetic, faithful, and generous, and most of all, she is resilient. She has served me without fail for six months, and, Adelaide, I would be honored if you would consent to be my submissive, officially, with a collaring ceremony.”

Adelaide grinned. She had never felt so elated. “Derek, Master, of course.” She beamed. “I would love to be yours. Absolutely.”

Did you catch all the A-G things (and G to A) that I did in this story? There’s at least one of each! This is it (probably) for Adelaide and Derek. Come back Monday to see what our next resilient submissive is all about!

If you’re participating in the A to Z Challenge, please drop your link in the comments! Happy blogging!

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