K is for… #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge 2023!

Warning: This is a kinky blog for adults only! We will be addressing topics of BDSM in our fictional posts!

K 2023 A-to-Zchallenge.com

Richard is taking over this week with his take on resilient submissives!

Richard: Fun fact! Did you know that J comes between I and K? I didn’t. Luckily, Jayden wrote last night’s post. Clearly, J is for Jayden.

Double fun fact! K is a really hard letter to alliterate with. Unless you’re writing Mortal Kombat fanfiction or something.

Koncussive konvincing kouldn’t kill kleptomania kommitting kompulsions. Karrots kould kause kompliance komparatively kleanly. Kissing konsecutively kalibrated kordiality.

In short, if Mark couldn’t beat the badness out of her, he’d kiss it into her instead. With the gag removed, he leaned in. “I think you’d commit fewer crimes if you had a loving home to come home to.”

Hailey stared at him.

“What the hell does that have to do with anything?”

“Like you said, you’re not a psycho killer or anything. You rob banks. You’ve never done worse than kick a guard in the balls. If we could redirect that energy to something more productive…”

Hailey rolled her eyes. “And what’s in it for me?”

Mark leaned in, kissing her lightly. When she didn’t bite or head butt him, he closed his eyes and pressed his lips more firmly against hers. Soft, moist, a little salty from the tears. He lightly traced a hand over her shoulders and followed the curve of the rope over her back.

“There. That’s not so bad, is it?”

She grunted and rolled her eyes again.

“Better than getting arrested?”


He shook his head and kissed her again, letting his tongue slip free of his lips this time. She blew a raspberry against it, but let it into her mouth. Mark moaned softly and cradled the back of her head, slipping his tongue over hers. She dropped limp in the ropes, not fighting him for the first time since his attempts began hours ago.

Know gnu know knever knix kniceness.

If you’re participating in the A to Z Challenge, please drop your link in the comments! Happy blogging!

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