Q is for… #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge 2023!

Warning: This is a kinky blog for adults only! We will be addressing topics of BDSM in our fictional posts!

Jayden is back this week with a new story! If you haven’t read our other stories, just go back to N is for…. We’re writing about resilient submissives on our kinky blog.

Content warning: This one has some golden showers play, so be prepared (or come back next week for something different!)

Quickly, quick, quicker, the footsteps came. She quivered and quaked, but was frozen to the spot. She knew she should quickly run inside, but she couldn’t. 

The footsteps kept coming closer and closer, and she finally willed herself to turn, to run, when strong arms grabbed her around the waist. A scream boiled up in her throat, and then she realized that the person who was holding her wasn’t a stranger at all. It was her Master. 

Relief flooded her as the adrenaline continued pumping in her veins. “Master!” she whispered.

“Yes, slut?”

“What are you doing here?”

“You didn’t think I was going to send you outside all alone, did you?”

“I-I didn’t know, Master.”

“I have to keep an eye on you.”

“B-but,” she stammered, wracking her brain to remember his exact orders. Had she done anything wrong? She thought she had followed his directions down to the letter, but she couldn’t be sure now. “I tried to follow your directions, Master.”

“You did,” he replied.

“Then why–” her voice trailed off as he put her down on the grass in front of him. She stumbled a little.

“I want to make sure that you’re safe, pet.”


“Yes. You never know who could be watching you, ready to take advantage of a sweet girl like you.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“When you have tasks inside, I don’t worry as much, but when you have a task outside, I need to make sure no harm can come to you. Only I get to abuse your body, slut.”

“Y-yes, Sir,” she stammered again. “What will you do with my body now, Sir?” she asked, excitement coursing through her now.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

If you’re participating in the A to Z Challenge, please drop your link in the comments! Happy blogging!

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