TMI Tuesday

1. When you have experienced sexual difficulty, how did you overcome it?

With the support of my partner(s) and occasionally my awesome OBGYN.

2. How do you like to reconnect with your significant other?

Sex! Hot, kinky sex, or sometimes love making. Cuddling and touching, for sure.

3. “It isn’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.” How do you like to be done?

Oh baby! I love touch. Hugs, caresses, cuddles. Soft and gentle usually.

4. If you are married, were you ready for marriage?

Hell yeah! I tried to move the wedding up a year, but hubby wouldn’t let me. I was glad we waited and had the time to fully plan the wedding of my dreams. It was definitely one of the top ten days in my life!

Bonus: “It’s complicated.” In what way does this describes your current (or most recent) relationship?

Ha! Well we’re poly, but we only date together. We prefer the connection it gives us to each other and to the other person/people we’re with. It’s unique and a lot of people don’t get it. Poly people sometimes tell us we’re doing it wrong, swingers tell us we want something too serious, and monogamous people don’t get us at all. But we’re happy, so… whatever! Live and let live.

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