I. Am. The. Worst.

Okay, I am not the worst person in the world, or even in the room. I am just the worst at keeping my blog updated (and reading other people’s blogs). I was sure that I would have time once I got through April and then May, and there would be all the time in the world… and then suddenly there wasn’t.

I can give lists of things I did and excuses for why I didn’t work on my blog, but the reality is that I just didn’t make it a priority, and for that, I am sorry. I have missed the blogs I follow and now it’s just way too much to catch up. But I am going to try (again) to start fresh at least! But if you see comments pop up on old posts, sorry, that’s just me, being terrible.

So what’s been going on with me?

I wrote 50,000 words for CampNano! And I did it in one day. 24 hours. 50,035 words, in fact. Isn’t that insane? I think so. So do my friends. It’s the third time I’ve done 50k+ in 24 hours, and that may be the last time.

My local group did the marathon together, and I felt like I was never able to chat with people or make friends because I was too focused on writing. It was a bit discouraging, actually.

What is NOT discouraging are our Cabin Stats! Check this out!


If you can’t figure out where the 24 hour marathon happened, well, I would direct you to the giant jump at Day 14!!!

Not everyone met their goal, but look at all the progress we made as a group!

(And thanks for the picture, Jamie! She posted it in our Facebook group, but go check out her blog!)

Feel free to poke me to update more. I want to, honest! Ask me questions and I’ll be happy to answer them! And as always, thanks for following and reading.

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