TMI Tuesday

Woah boy, it’s been a while. Sorry about that… Anywhoooo:

1. Christmas music is everywhere. It has been on the radio in my area since mid-November! If you had to listen to Christmas music, from one artist, non-stop during December who would be crooning those holiday tunes? (must pick one). Why did you make that choice?
a. Harry Connick Jr.
b. Mariah Carey – I might actually really like her over-played songs. Go ahead. Judge me.

2. In 2019, in the bedroom, were you mostly naughty or nice?

3. In your next sexcapade, who will be joining you (must pick one)? Why is that your choice?
a. Mr and Mrs Santa Claus
b. Grinch
c. Frosty the snowman
d. 4 of Santa’s elves – a gang bang has always been on my bucket list…

4. Do you celebrate any holidays in December? If yes, what?

I do! Christmas most specifically, but also New Year’s.

5. How will you be spreading holiday cheer in 2019?

I am a pretty cheerful person all the time, so I’m not much different, but I LOVE giving gifts. Love, love, love.

Bonus: What Netflix holiday movie do you recommend we watch? I actually have never watched any. I know, that’s a surprise. But, I really like The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet which is on Hulu.

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