TMI Tuesday

1. Assume that in the future there will be huge leaps in human augmentation. Given a scale from completely human to completely machine, how far would you choose to augment yourself with robotics? What parts would you augment and why?

If there’s some augmentation that would give me better working feet, I’d take it. I’d also like to be able to sleep less. So, ultimately, sleep less, move faster, be more efficient. #Goals

2. In your community, are events, school, and large gatherings forbidden or cancelled due to COVID-19?

Yep. Everything’s cancelled. I get it. I support it. I hate it.

3. Has your work schedule changed due to COVID-19–i.e., onsite work changed to teleworking or shortened shifts or no work at all?

Yep. My work is closed for two weeks, minimum.

4. What gets too much attention in the news?

Oh lots of things. I’m sick of hearing about COVID-19 for one. I get it. I’m just…so exhausted by it. I wish it weren’t necessary to convince people that it’s a serious issue.

5. How do you get your news?

Social media, I’m afraid to say.

Bonus: Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? This year how will you celebrate?

Sometimes? Last year we were at a bar with live music. This year… well, there isn’t anything happening this year.

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