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I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog. I’ve been thinking about what I want this space to be. Short stories are not my forte. I tend to get too wordy, too long winded. I am in the process of writing a novel that I lovingly termed, “Oops, I wrote a novel,” because there was a short story prompt in March and I just…went with it. I had hoped to finish it before the end of March, but…life.

Anyway, it’s a project I haven’t given up on and I hope to be able to work on that soon. So whenever I am in a position to say, hey, let’s make a goal, make a change (I hate change), I give it a lot of thought. What is it about this blog that keeps my readers interested? And in turn,

What keeps me interested in reading other people’s blogs?

Well, for me, I like reality. I like people who are being real and honest. They admit when they have a bad day. They celebrate the good days. I don’t care so much about a specific niche (*coughgrowingupwallscough*), but I do care that the author/blogger is real. Continuing stories are awesome, like the one from Clare Dugmore I read for A to Z. But I do worry that if I go on too long, some people may not start because they’d have to start at the beginning. (And sometimes I do go on too long… Hello Romance novel that’s 120,000 words. The average for romance is usually about half that.) It’s a lot to take in.

Anyhoo… I’m going to try to be more real. I have my identity to protect, so there are a lot of things in my life I can’t talk about. But I will try to be more real. And feel free to drop me a comment about what you want me to talk about here. I can stick to fiction, but you tell me!

4 thoughts on “Thinky Thoughts

  1. Reviewed your book.
    (Also on Smashwords.)

    So I want to know more about her world. Maybe stuff that doesn’t make it into the book? Maybe short side stories related to the main story? (Like what Marchand did to Nicole because obviously, something went down and it wasn’t just his tongue.)

    I struggle with knowing what content to post to make my author brand strongest. Book reviews get the biggest hits, but that’s usually because I’ve promoted someone else who has fans and now their fans are here to support them. (Which might lead to supporting me, if I happen to write a book in that genre. And then I struggle with… “but I read books of all genres because they all have something to teach me!” I’m seriously waiting for someone to point out that the erotica I review doesn’t line up with my actual interests. Yeah, because I understand my freaking interests! But I have a book series with straight characters and man… let me tell you… some days I can’t work on my own book because I’m like, “Okay, that’s enough of Wend. Xavier needs to go bang Heath.” And then I stop writing for the day. Alas, I’m trying to write based off of characters from a myth, so I only inject so much bisexuality into them.)


    1. Thanks for your review, J!

      My A to Z explores a lot of her world that didn’t make it into the book, but there are a lot of personal connections that aren’t talked about there. It was just bare bones worldbuilding. I’m working on the sequel, and hopefully will be working on additional stories that will explore (ha!) more of that background.

      That’s fair. I like writing so much variety, which I realize isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But I like reading a variety, too. I’m poly and female, but I just read a very hot book that I’m reviewing on my blog on Monday that’s two monogamous men. Still really good! Still really hot!

      If you think of anything suggestions you’d have, send them my way!


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