New Year’s Double Post

           Welcome to our first collaborative blog! Back in November, we both needed an idea for something to write, so. Together, we came up with a prompt, and each wrote our own story. We decided for our first post together, we would give you a special DOUBLE story post. Jayden’s is first, and then Richard’s. Let us know if you have a favorite! We’re going to do different things for our collaborative stories. Feel free to comment with suggestions!

Catch Me If You Can!

            “I don’t want to leave,” Lisa says quietly.
            Anthony tucks her long hair behind her ear. “I don’t want to take you home.”
            But the unspoken thing between them is that it’s an eventuality that has to happen. It’s unfortunate, but Anthony needs to go home for the holidays, and Lisa works in a job where she sees a lot of people. The responsible thing to do is to have some distance for two weeks before Anthony goes home. It’s a hard thing to do, but it’s necessary to keep Anthony’s family safe.
            Standing in the doorway to the car, Lisa plucks the car keys from Anthony’s pocket and sticks them in her bra. “Well, now you don’t have the keys, so you can’t take me home.” She giggles and takes a step back from him, darting away before he can catch her. She runs through the yard, giggling.
            Anthony smiles and gives her a slight head start before chasing after her, but with his longer legs, he has no trouble catching up to her. He picks her up and throws her over his shoulder.
            She squeals with laughter, and he smacks her ass hard. Her squeal becomes a moan, and Anthony is glad he lives on a side road and isn’t likely to have many people around. He smacks her again, which elicits another delicious moan.
            “If you don’t stop moaning in my ear, I’m going to fuck you right here, right now.”
            “If you don’t stop smacking my ass, I’m not going to stop moaning,” Lisa counters.
            Anthony smacks her again, and she moans in his ear. “Well, then I guess I’m just going to have to fuck you right here,” he says.
            “You wouldn’t.”
            “Why not?”
            “Because what if someone sees?” she hisses at him.
            He shrugs. “Who’s going to see?”
            There are a handful of houses where someone could see if they looked out of the window, and certainly if a car drove down the street, but that was unlikely.
            He puts Lisa down next to the car and pushes her up against it, gripping her by the throat. It probably looks terrible if a passerby sees, but he’s holding her very carefully, making sure not to cut off too much of her air supply. She is like putty in his hands once he does that, and she nearly melts into a puddle on the pavement.
            “That’s my little slut,” Anthony says.
            Her moan is almost a purr.
            Anthony pushes her skirt up around her waist and rips her panties right off her body, throwing them on the ground. He unzips his jeans and pulls his cock out of his boxers.
            “On your knees,” he says, and he winds his hand into her hair, pushing her down so she’s eye level with his cock. He’s semi-hard already, but with her capable hands guiding him to her mouth, he’s rock hard almost instantly.
            She pushes him into her mouth and takes him as deep as she can. She can’t go balls deep because he’s too big, but she takes him down as much as she can.
            He starts to fuck her mouth, pulling her by her hair. She moans around his cock. “You’re a good little cum slut, aren’t you?”
            She mumbles some kind of affirmative response.
            “You want to go home tonight with my cum dripping out of you, don’t you?”
            Another affirmative muffled response.
            “Well that can be arranged,” Anthony says. He pulls her off his cock and turns her around. “Put your hands on the car. We wouldn’t want you to fall over, now would we?”
            “No, Sir,” she whispers.
            She puts her hands on the car as directed. Anthony sweeps her long hair to one side so he can expose her neck. He leans down and pulls the collar of her shirt down a few inches. His lips touch the back of her neck and work down to the skin he just exposed. His teeth sink into her muscle there, and she moans and thrusts her ass back toward him. “Patience, little slut,” he says.
            “Yes, Sir,” she said in a moan.
            He pushes her skirt back up around her waist and slips his cock into her waiting cunt. She’s dripping wet, and he slides in easily, but this isn’t what he has in mind ultimately. He thrusts a few times, and she’s starting to get into it when he pulls out. She wiggles her hips, trying to find his cock, and then pouts that she can’t find it. “Stop it,” he says, smacking her ass.
            She stills in front of him and presses her upper body against the car, pushing her ass out further but not wiggling it at him anymore.
            “Good girl,” he says as he takes a step back and leans over her ass, parting her cheeks. He licks a sloppy line along her crack, tonguing her hole a bit. Then he stands up and slides his cock along the same path.
            She’s tight, and he’s large, but he manages to get a few inches in on the first push. Then he pulls back a little and goes again. He gets in further. A third time and he’s all the way in. He presses in until his balls are resting on her ass.
            He bites her shoulder again on the other side, giving her a matching mark. She moans and pushes back against him with her ass.
            “You little anal slut,” he growls in her ear.
            “Yes, Sir,” she groans.
            “But stop. I’m not going to hurt you in a bad way, but I will unintentionally if you keep that up.
            “Yes, Sir,” she whines, but she stays still.
            It is very tempting to start fucking her fast, but Anthony knows that it would hurt her.
            He wraps one arm around her throat, pulling her to a standing position, his cock still deep inside her ass. Then he pulls his hips back and starts to fuck her. She tries to keep her hands on the car to hold herself up, but she can’t reach from this position, and it doesn’t matter because he’s holding her up. She couldn’t fall if she wanted to.
            His cock slides in and out of her ass, never leaving completely. She wants him to go faster, but she tries to stay as still as possible, giving him the control she knows he has.
            “I’m going to cum,” he grunts in her ear.
            “Please, Sir,” she groans.
            “Do you want your ass filled with cum?”
            “Yes, Sir,” she says, a little breathless.
            “You want to feel my cum dripping out of your ass nice and slowly, don’t you?”
            “Yes, Sir,” she repeats.
            “You’re such a little cum slut,” he growls.
            “Yes, I am. Such a cum slut, Sir.”
            “I bet you would eat the cum out of your own ass if you could.”
            She groans and says, “Yes, god, yes, I would.”
            “You’re such a good girl,” he says. “A good little cum slut.”
            She groans and would collapse if he weren’t holding her up. And when his free hand reaches around her and presses against her clit, she explodes almost instantly. Her moans turn to screams, and he presses his arm harder on her throat to silence her. Her breath turns raspy, but her screams quiet.
            “Someone was a little wound up,” Anthony whispers in her ear.
            “Yes, Sir,” she says, but the words barely come out. He takes his fingers off her clit and loosens his grip on her throat.
            But her ass is so tight as she clenched around him in her orgasm that he’s not far behind. A few more thrusts, and he can feel his balls tighten as he shoots spurt after spurt of cum in her ass.
            When he’s spent, he slides out of her.
            His grip loosens so she can turn around and face him.
            “Thank you, Sir,” she says, and she takes his face in her hands and kisses him on the mouth.
                        He deepens the kiss with his tongue, and she opens to him. She moans against his mouth, and then she breaks the kiss and drops to her knees in front of him. His softening cock is still dripping cum. She licks the tip tentatively and then takes the head in her mouth.
            Anthony looks down at her with wonder in his eyes. She’s never sucked his cock after sex, much less anal. It’s hot as hell that she’s doing it now.
            “Are you sure you want to do this?” Anthony asks.
            “Mm hmm,” Lisa replies, not taking her mouth off Anthony’s cock, but looking up at him through her lashes.
            “Oh god,” he groans as she takes more of him into her mouth, her tongue swirling around his cock. “Oh fucking hell.”
            “Do you want me to stop?” she asks, pulling off of him for a moment. She doesn’t wait for a response to pull him back into her mouth. He isn’t getting hard, but he’s still big enough to be a challenge to get him all the way in.
            “No, god, no, please don’t stop,” Anthony says. He reaches out a hand and leans against the car to keep himself from falling.
            Lisa doesn’t stop. She keeps licking and sucking his semi-hard cock until she has combed every millimeter of it with her tongue. And then she sits back on her heels and says, “Is that clean enough for you, Sir?”
            He has to clear his throat to get the words out, “Yes, my little cum slut. Fucking hell, yes.”
            She smiles up at him, and he wants to drag her back into the house for another round. But instead, he takes a deep breath and tucks his cock away. He opens the car door and pushes her inside before she can realize what’s happening. He slips one hand in her bra and takes the key, slipping it back into his pocket.

Keep Away!

            “I can’t just stay here fucking you for the entire quarantine! Neither one of us can work from home if I’m balls deep in you all day,” he said, pulling his keys out of his pocket as he walked towards his car.                       “And you’re not leaving until you fuck me again!” she said, snatching the car keys out of his hand and shoving them in her pocket.
            He glared at her, nostrils doing that flare that told her two things. One, she was in trouble, and two, her panties would need to get changed.
            “Look at those keys, brat,” he said, voice low.
            She glanced between him and the keys for a moment, then took half a step back, looking down at them while trying to shield them with her body.
            “What about them?”
            “Tell me what you see on the ring.” That same voice, she shivered a little, the keys jangling in her grip.
            “Your house key. My house key. Locker key. And car key.”
            “Is the car key a key?”
            “No, it’s one of those fancy electric things, you showed it to me. You just have to get in the car, and it reads it or whatever.”
            “Good. Push the button.”
            She looked up at him for a minute, brattiness and concern for whether she’d have an ass in five minutes struggling on her face.
            “Push the button,” he said again.
            She looked up at him, a mischievous smile starting to curl the corners of her lips, “Make me!”
            He snarled, lunging forward and pinning her to the car. She shoved the keys behind her back, pinning her own hands behind her ass.
            “So help me, if there is a scratch on my car, I’m going to use your hair as a shammy.” He slammed her up against the door, yanking back on her hair at the same time. For a split second, she stared up at him with her mouth open, then his lips were on hers. She moaned as his tongue explored her mouth, only to have the sound drowned out by the growl that rolled up out of his throat.
            Her hand relaxed, nearly dropping the keys, but she caught them with her pinky at the last second. They’d played games like this before, and they never ended well if she dropped what she was supposed to be holding.
            He broke the kiss, putting one arm on her neck and the other on her hip. She shifted the keys over to make sure they were out of reach. He didn’t even go for them, just yanked her back and forth, slamming her against the car hard enough to rock it. And to push the button on the fob. The lights and alarm chirped as the doors unlocked.
            “No,” she moaned, gasping through his choke. “Stay.”
            He reached down, grabbing the door handle and yanking it open.
            “Want to come with me?” he asked her.
            “Yes! I told you this whole quarantine thing was pointless! We both work from ho-glurg,” she gasped as he squeezed her throat again, the other reaching under her ass.
            “I like a little more meat on my subs for fucking, but I do admit you have superior handling,” he said with a little smirk, before tossing her into the car.
            She looked back, eyes wide, mouth panting. “You mean it?”
            “That I like chucking you around, yes,” he said, slamming the door behind him. “Am I taking you home? No. Neither of us would get any work done.”
            “Then what are we-,”
            “Get your pants off, or I’ll cut them off,” he said, unbuckling his own jeans, then reaching over for the glove box. He kept a seat belt cutter in there. He’d shown it to her once when they’d first started playing. He always made sure she was safe.
            With a squeal, she undid her pants, yanking them down and tossing them down on the floor.
            “How do you-”
            “Ass up, face against the window.” He said, climbing over the center console, already hard cock in hand.
            “Yes, Sirrrrrr!” she screamed as he shoved his cock into her before she was really in position. She heard something jangling, craning her head back to try and see what he was doing, but it was no use, she was crushed against the window glass.
            A moment later, she didn’t have to ask. With a rattle and a crack, his belt lashed over her ass, a long red stripe blossoming there. She screamed again, spittle staining the window. He’d make her clean that later too.
            “Shame we don’t have more room,” he said with a grunt, shoving the seatbacks down as much as he could. “No way I can leave a good mark without more windup.”
            He grunted as he hammered her pussy, none of the teasing he usually gave her, just hitting as deep as possible on every stroke, like he was trying to shove her through the door on the opposite side.
            “Fuck… me… Daddy…” she moaned, gasping between thrusts that hit nice and deep.
            “Shut up,” he said, swinging the belt around and threading it between her and the window. She bit down, moaning as loud as she could around the improvised gag.
            “I was going to come over and have a nice dinner. Cuddle you. Tell you I loved you. But you couldn’t have that, you just needed to get used like a fucking cunt, so here you go. I’m going to pound this pussy so you’ll feel it for a week, chuck you out of the car like a cheap hooker, and if you’re lucky, I’ll call you to say goodnight.”
            She wasn’t really processing words at this point, just getting wetter and wetter as he got louder and meaner. She didn’t piss him off like this often. She did love him. But a couple of times a year, it was so worth it.
            She felt her cunt clench down on his cock, belatedly realizing she didn’t have permission to cum. She tried to mumble through the gag, “Mmsadm mdmmd cumm mmmmm?” but it was no use. She screamed out as best as she could, spraying pussy juice all down the length of his cock to splatter his balls.
            “Another mess for when I see you again,” he said. “You’ll spend our first date cleaning this car with your tongue. If you’re lucky, I’ll let you use a toothbrush.”
            He shoved in to the hilt, roaring in her ear as he sprayed her pussy with cum. He leaned there a while, letting the belt drop out of his hand, and her mouth.
            “Do you feel better now, Sir?” she asked. At least as well as she could in the position.
            “I do. Do you still have my keys?”
            “I think I dropped them in the cupholder when you threatened to cut my favorite jeans.”
            He looked down. They were there.
            “Good,” he said, reaching down to open the door, keeping a firm hold on the handle.
            “Seriously? Not even time to pull my pants up.”
            “Nope, just enough to make sure you don’t break that pretty little face,” he said slowly, letting the door swing open more and more.
            She pouted, half stepping, half sliding out of the car, and landing on the grass outside. He slammed the door and hit the starter button, rolling the window down.
            “You clear of the wheels?” he asked.
            “Yes, Sir,” she said, pouting on the ground.
            “I love you. Go clean up. I’ll talk to you later tonight,” he said, then peeled out of the driveway.

            Fucking brats.

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