TMI Tuesday

Whew! We made it out of 2020. Thank you to Corrupting Mrs. Jones blog for this week’s TMI Tuesday questions.


1. What was the best part of your holiday season?

Jayden: Spending it with some very good new friends. ❤

Richard: Getting to try goose for the first time!

2. Did you have the opportunity to get down and dirty over the holidays? Please share.

Jayden: Oh yes. Several times, in fact. It was a little unexpected. Maybe it will be a blog post. What do you think, Richard?

Richard: I want to know how you didn’t expect to “get down and dirty” when you had me over for as many nights as you did. Honestly, I think we came in under par.

Jayden: But you weren’t supposed to stay over as many times as you did!

3. You receive a gift from a family member that is exactly what you DID NOT want. Do you:
a. Smile politely and bin it at the first opportunity?
b. Say thank you and re-gift it next year?
c. Do some detective work and return it at the first opportunity?
d. Try and tactfully suggest something more appropriate for next time?

Jayden: Either b or c. If I can return it, I will, but I will be polite and say thank you, of course!

Richard: C. Most stores will take anything without a receipt this time of year, as long as it’s in their system, so it’s really not much detective work.

4. Sex toys as gifts yea or nay? Was there a time when you unexpectedly opened something R-rated in front of your family? Tell us about it.

Jayden: Sure! If it’s for a partner or close friend. I have never opened something R-rated in front of my family though. My friends and partners know better than to give me something like that at the wrong time.

Richard: I feel like a partner must’ve gotten me something to use with/on them at some point, but I honestly can’t remember a specific time. Either way, totally fine with it. My partners have all been good about keeping my gifts in front of family to a soft PG. So far…

5. What is the best present your significant other has given you?

Jayden: Love. Attention. Time. Things are nice (and I love the jewelry and flowers I’ve received), but having quality time means so much.

Richard: Going off what Jayden said: Family. I don’t come from the healthiest family, and the holidays have been pretty rough for me for the last decade or so. Being able to spend the holidays somewhere happy, where everyone doesn’t spend the whole time screaming at each other, walking on eggshells, or trying to escape, is the best gift.

Bonus:  Share your New Year’s resolution(s) or reasons why you do not make them.

Jayden: Well, we shared our writing resolutions on New Year’s Day, so I’ll still with that. I didn’t make any others.

Richard: I do a lot of goal setting throughout the year, but I usually skip out on New Year’s resolutions. With all the holidays and craziness, I’d rather wait for things to settle and start a new goal in February.

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4 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday

  1. 1- Snookums and I got away for a few days. Granted, most of 2020 was just us, but there was something about it being just us away from home.
    2- Yup. No, I’m not sharing. Ha ha.
    3- B.
    4- I’ve seen others open adult items in front of elders they’d rather not have seen them open. No matter how much I rewrite that sentence, it doesn’t get better. So no, not me, but I’ve seen it happen.
    5- Belonging.
    Bonus – I only read and reviewed 23 books last year, but my goal for this year is 30. My other goals are to publish another fiction book in 2021, do the Blogging from A to Z Challenge in April, and increase the number of authors helped by Operation Awesome. Those are more goals than resolutions, but whatever.

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