TMI Tuesday 2/02/2021

1. Would you rather go on holidays to the beach with no bathers or in the mountains with no jacket?

Jayden: Mountains with no jacket. I don’t like the beach anyway, so I’d rather be in the mountains.

Richard: Beach with no bathers. I don’t mind being naked at the beach, but I don’t want to be freezing up in the mountains.

2. Would you rather not be able to eat chocolate for a year or have to eat your least favourite vegetable every day for a month?

Jayden: No chocolate for a year. I’m allergic anyway.

Richard: Also no chocolate. There are other yummy sweets out there to make up for it, but nothing will ever save cauliflower. Jayden has informed me I should try it fried.

3. Would you rather only be able to have sex for five minute increments on any given day for a year or only be able to have sex for five hour increments the rest of your life?

Jayden: Five hours, I’d never get off otherwise.

Richard: Can I loophole it and do multiple five minute increments in a row, or with a short break for some making out or something?

4. Would you rather not be allowed to touch your partner’s genitals except with your own or have the reverse applied to them?

Jayden: Reverse, because I like to be able to touch.

Richard: Also reverse, since Jayden doesn’t really get off from penetration.

5.  Would you rather go on a hike barefooted or spend the day at a water park fully clothed?

Jayden: Waterpark fully clothed. I generally don’t do well barefoot, and once your clothes are wet it doesn’t really matter.

Richard: Same. I’ve done water in shorts and a t-shirt before, and it was fun.

Bonus: Would you rather receive an alert every time your parents have sex or have your kids alerted every time YOU have sex?

Jayden: I would rather know when my parents have sex. It’ll probably be less than me, and I don’t want my kids to know.

Richard: I’d rather have my kids know. I don’t have any, and if I do, it won’t be an issue for the first couple years at least.

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