Still Flirting?

Hey everybody! Richard here, with my first solo story for the blog. Jayden will be stepping back for the next month or so to do A to Z Challenge prep, so you’ll be getting a bunch of short stories from me for your Thursday solo content. Don’t worry, she’ll still be around for TMI Tuesday, our Saturday collabs, and maybe a surprise or two…

As the chicken dance came to a close, and the band slowed down a little, she looked around.

She thought she caught a glimpse of her husband in the corner, talking to a couple of his friends. She took a step towards him, then heard a voice behind her.

“Need a partner?” 

She looked over. It was one of the guys from the table next to theirs.  He had a navy blue suit and a close-cropped beard, kind of neat and old-fashioned, especially for his age.

“Sure,” she said, taking it, then grinning when he wrapped his other hand around her waist and pulled her in.

“They should give people a warning when they’re going to switch like that,” he said, his chest vibrating lightly against her as he spoke. “Otherwise, pretty girls get stranded, and then they’re stuck dancing with whatever creep shows up.”

She smiled a little, glancing up at him, “Oh, so you just came to rescue me?” she asked.

“Are you sure I’m not a creep myself?”

“No, but I figure I can decide by the time the song’s over.”

He smiled back down, tucking her in a bit tighter and leading them towards an open spot on the dance floor.

He leaned down, his beard brushing against her ear, “Harry.”

“Sally,” she said, nuzzling against him.

They didn’t talk too much, just enjoying the music. Once she was facing her husband again, she caught him staring. She threw him a wink. After a few minutes, the band started picking up speed again, moving into a faster, swinging number.

“I’m happy to go another round,” he said, shifting them to a more open stance, “but didn’t I see you come here with someone?”

“I did, my husband. The groom is his friend from high school, so he’s spending most of his time catching up with his buddies.

“And leave you all alone for creeps?”

She smirked a little, “He likes watching other men flirt with me. And I decided you’re not a creep.”

She looked over her shoulder, catching her husband staring again and giving him a little wave this time, before returning her hand to Harry’s. 

“So why don’t we give him a little show?” she said.

He laughed, spinning her out. She gave a giggle that turned to a yelp when he pulled her back, his hand giving her ass a quick squeeze before returning to her waist.

“That kind of flirting?” he asked, as his crotch brushed against her ass, which she wriggled into the hardness there.

“That’s nothing,” she said, looking back up, “Maybe I do need to find a creep.”

He leaned down, lips tracing over her collar bone as he chuckled, “You’re trouble.”

“I know how to behave. Do you?”

His lips opened as he sucked lightly on her neck, not enough to leave a mark.

“I’m sure you can teach me,” he said, steering them again towards the edge of the floor, out of sight of most of the party, but not her husband. His hands slid lower, rumpling the fabric of her dress as he slipped one up each thigh, slowly moving up and inward towards each other.

“Is this still flirting?” he asked, stopping just before they could meet.

“Mmmhmmm,” she nodded, giving a little moan. As the music faded, he unspooled from her, holding her only by her wrist. He gave it a short squeeze before winking at her.

“How about this?” he asked, tugging her away from the dance floor. He led her to the photo booth set up in the lobby, not bothering to take any props from the table next to it.

“Oh, private flirting,” she said, biting her lip.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take some pictures to prove you’re still behaving,” he said, leaning in and kissing her lightly on the lips as the flash popped the first time.

“Still flirting?”


He pressed in on her tighter, blocking her into the corner with his body, lips moving back to her neck, most of her body covered for the next flash.

“Still flirting?”

“Uh-huh,” she said, after a deep breath.

His hands slid down between her knees, sliding them open, giving the camera a clear view of her panties, including the wet spot in the middle for the last picture.

“Still flirting?” he asked, hands sliding up the back of the booth on either side of her head, boxing her in.

“With proof!” she said, slipping under his arm to grab the stickers that printed.

As she stepped out, his hand went back around her waist, pulling her towards the elevator.

“That’s good; I wouldn’t want people to get ideas,” he said, pressing the button for the fifth floor.

She giggled again, leaning up to peck him on the cheeks.

The doors dinged open, and they stepped inside. She leaned against the wall, spreading her legs a little, smiling at him. “So what’s next?”

He kneeled down on the floor, sliding between her legs, kissing and nibbling his way up from her knees towards her thighs. “Still flirting?” he asked from below her.

“Yesssss,” she shivered, watching the numbers tick up on the display, wondering whether he would reach the top first or the elevator would.

The bell dinged as she felt his hair brushing against her panties. She shoved him out from between her legs and towards the door, “Which way?” she asked, flushed.

He leaned against the doorway, one eyebrow raised, lips in a little smirk. “512. You tell me, I checked in and came right to the reception,” he said, nodding his head towards the sign on the wall.

She looked back and forth between it a few times, eyes narrowing to a glare, and then grabbed his arm, tugging him to the left.

“Get your card out,” she ordered, pulling harder as she read off the room numbers.

“Yes, goddess,” he said.

They crashed to a stop against the door, rattling it in the frame as he fumbled with the card reader. Finally, the lock clicked, they both grabbed the handle, tripping inside.

The lights flipped on when they stepped in, and they both stopped groping for a second, staring at each other.

“I thought we were just flirting,” he said, pushing her further inside and shoving her down on the bed.

“That’s right. We’re not quite crossing a line yet.!”

He climbed on top of her, sliding her skirt up, “Are your panties normally this soaked when you flirt?” he asked, pressing two fingers down on the wet spot.

She shuddered, squeezing her legs on his shoulders a little, “If the other person is good enough.”

He crawled up further, leaning down to kiss her, finally taking his time. His lips pressed firmly against hers for a moment before his tongue slid past them, their moans mixing between open mouths.

Her nails clenched into his back, trying to dig through his sportcoat, until she felt him grab her wrists, “Help me with my tie,” he ordered, sliding them back around front.

They tore it off, probably taking more time than it would’ve for him to do it himself, and he quickly looped it around her wrists, wrapping it the other way and binding them over her head.

“Still flirting?” he asked as she wriggled in the silk.

“This is… right on the line,” she admitted.

His hands slid down her arms, sending her squirming as he tickled her a little. His fingertips came down to the sides of her face, gliding over her cheeks as he smiled at her. She twisted her head, trying to get her lips around one to suck on.

“Please…” she whispered, not entirely sure what she was even asking for at this point.

“Hold still,” he said, one hand gripping her throat as the other reached under the top of her dress. “And keep flirting.”

As she continued writhing in his grip, his warm fingertips slid under her bra, leaving a trail of heat behind them. He grabbed her phone, pulling it out, one of her tits spilling out with it. He leaned back on his heels. “Stay just like that,” he ordered, snapping a few pics and scrolling through her contacts until he found HUBBY, attaching them to a text.

“What should I say?” he asked.

“Ask him if I can have some fun while he’s busy,” she said, making an extra pouty face in case he snapped another pic.

He tossed the phone down next to her head and unbuckled his pants, kicking them off and sliding his hand slowly over his cock as she stared.

“Then I guess we just have to be good while we wait,” he said, leaning over her with a smirk.

One hand stayed on his cock, the other slipping the soaked lace of her panties to the side. His tip kissed her lips ever so gently as he waited for her phone to buzz before he’d slide it in.

Hope you all enjoyed! We’ll see you on Saturday for the next chapter of Mark and Ivy’s vacation. Until then, drop me a comment so I know what worked and what didn’t.

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