Vacation: Part 4

Welcome to our next serial. A vacation cruise in eight (give or take) parts. Check back Saturdays to see what kind of trouble Mark and Ivy can get into in international waters. Find all the parts here!

Chapter 4:

Ivy heard metal sliding on metal, and she was pretty sure she knew what the sound was. She couldn’t be sure which knife it was, but it was definitely one of the knives Mark kept to torture her with.

Mark undid the clasp at the bottom of the balisong and flipped it open, the metal jingling lightly. He sat down on the bed next to her, twirling it slowly, not touching her with it, just letting her hear the sound. “It’s a shame you have the blindfold on. I imagine this is much more exciting if you can see what I’m doing.”

Ivy shivered, anticipating the cold metal against her hot body. “Yes, Sir,” she said, but the words were barely intelligible through the gag.

Eventually, Mark flicked the blade fully open and slowly slid it up her thigh, “If I find a hair, I’m going to take a break from knife play and beat you. And I know you’ll be very disappointed by that…”

Ivy trembled. She was pretty sure she had done a good job of removing all her hair before they left for their vacation, but it wasn’t unheard of that one or two got missed. But then again, a beating sounded fun…

“You did a good job. I don’t see any hair this time. Maybe you got lucky.” She felt the tip of the blade make its way up to her thong, catching under the waistband. “Mmmm, I should’ve told you to wear something else, pet. I like these too much to actually cut them…”

She wanted to squirm away from him to keep him from cutting her favorite thong, but squirming would only make it more likely that it would get cut. She almost held her breath, trying to stay still.

Mark growled and grabbed the back of her neck, squeezing it and forcing her down harder on the bed. “We’ve talked about squirming, slut. You know we can’t play the fun games if I can’t trust you to keep still.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, I know,” she mumbled, and she was pretty sure he got the gist of what she was trying to say. Feeling his hand on her neck made her pussy clench with desire.

He kept his hand there, knowing it calmed her, as he slid the knife down the curve of her thigh. “Lube this up for me,” he ordered, pressing the back of the blade between her dripping lips.

She whimpered around the gag, every muscle in her body tight with anticipation.

Slowly, he drew the knife back, careful not to cut her. He traced the point up the curve of her spine before lightly resting it at the base of her neck, one of her favorite places to get teased.

A tingle went down her spine as she felt him pause, that special spot he found almost right away when they started dating. She grinned around the gag, but he couldn’t see it, her face pressed down against the bed.

He kept moving, tracing the tip across her neck to her chin, which he lightly tilted up with the flat of the blade. A moment later, her neck was straining as she looked straight ahead, and he softly rubbed her back, whispering soothing sounds in her ear.

She kept her head and neck as still as possible, but she couldn’t stop her hips from grinding into the bed. He hadn’t stopped touching her, but she craved more—more pain, more intensity, more something.

Mark reached up and undid the ball gag, letting it drop, covered in drool, onto the sheets. “Give it a kiss,” he ordered, pressing the wet blade to her lips.

She kissed the blade lightly, being careful not to press too hard against it. “Thank you, Master,” she whispered, working her stiff jaw as she spoke.

He tightly grabbed a fistful of her hair, wrenching her back, her breasts lifting off the bed. “You’re getting better. I remember how afraid of it you used to be,” he said. As he spoke, he slowly moved it down from the edge of her collar to her chest, tracing lazy circles around her left breast.

She grunted low in her throat. She was still afraid, but he was right, it used to be worse. She trusted her Master to take care of her, but one little slip would be all it took to draw blood. She was so turned on that it was hard not to pant, but that would just move her chest more.

He slid the point lightly over her breast, grazing her nipple, leaving the lightest pink X across her flesh. “Someday, I’m going to tease you with both at once, so you can’t keep track of which blade is the dull one and which one is live.”

That sounded very hot. She wanted it now. But she knew better than to rush her Master. He always did things in his own time. Still, she moaned softly at his words, “Yes please, Master.”

“Today is not that day, though,” he said, holding the knife an inch from her face and flicking it closed. “Make sure you clean and oil that later, can’t have your sloppy slut juice gunking it up.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said automatically. She would do her best to remember what he said, but she was very good about taking care of their toys once she’d come back to her senses. When Mark was done putting her back together, she would make sure everything was back in order.

He reached over, rubbing each of her hands and feet between his palms in turn. “How’re these feeling?” he asked.

She wiggled her fingers and toes. “I’m good, Sir,” she replied. She loved that he checked in on her. It was one of the first things he did that told her she was falling for him.

He reached back between her legs, feeling her sopping wet cunt through the thong, “So, you’ve been on more cruises than me. What’re some good things to do the first night? Besides give your sub a new collar and tease her for an hour or so.” She turned her head to face the direction of his voice, but she still couldn’t see anything with the blindfold on. “There are lots of things

 to do, Master. There’s probably some kind of game show, dinner, dancing, music, miniature golf.” She answered him without thinking about the implications of what he was asking. If she had wanted to spend the night in the room, she should have said there was nothing to do the first night, but she could never lie to her Master anyway.

He smiled as he watched her body language change when she realized what she’d just said. “Well then, we better get you dressed,” he said, undoing the cuffs and helping her up. “Let’s go clean you up first,” he said, leading her into the bathroom.

They were able to go through their clean-up routine easily, and soon she was ready to go out, the plug cleaned up and put away, but still wearing her thong and collar. The thong was hidden by a red thigh-length skirt she couldn’t bend over in, and her collar was visible but matched the strappy black shirt that left a lot of skin showing.

“Cute,” he said. “But you’re missing one thing.” He held up a small remote vibrator, tapping a button on his phone and sending it buzzing.

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