Vacation: Part 5

Here we are with the next installment in Mark and Ivy’s high seas adventures. Everyone excited to meet a new character? Find all the rest here!

Once Ivy was all set with the vibrator attached to her panties pressing right up against her clit, they were ready to go out onto the ship. They had discussed some options and decided to get a drink at the piano bar. Ivy was wearing four-inch heels, and as the ship swayed, so did she. She held onto Mark’s proffered arm as they exited their room. “I can’t even see the end of this hallway,” Ivy said, squinting the length of the ship.

Mark laughed, holding onto her a little tighter. “Maybe we need to get you glasses, slut. Work on some sexy librarian kink.” He reached down, slipping a hand under her skirt and tracing along her thong to feel the wet spot in the front. “Come on, let’s go have a drink.”

“Yes, Sir,” Ivy said, and they walked down the long hall, through a doorway, to the elevators. Mark had to steer them because his sense of direction was better than Ivy’s, and within a few minutes, they were perched on bar stools ordering drinks from a young bartender with a name tag that said “Stephanos” and proclaimed that he was from Greece.

“So, are we actually going to do all those things you told me,” Mark asked, taking a sip from his gin and tonic and passing her a fuzzy navel. “Or did you drag me out into the middle of the ocean because you’re that addicted to my cock that you had to trap me somewhere with nothing else to do?”

Ivy offered him a sly smile. “I think there’s time to do both. Oh, and eat a ton of food. Are you excited to gain ten pounds while we’re on the cruise?” she giggled a little at her semi-joke.

Mark looked down at himself, “I know, I know, Dad bods are so in right now…” His hand reached over to her thigh, teasing right at the hemline of her dress. He took his phone out and set it on the bar, the icon for the vibe app right there.

A shiver ran down her spine, and she looked at him with a mixture of fear and desire on her face. She wanted him to turn it on, but she was scared of how obvious her orgasm would be if she had one right here at the bar in front of Stephanos.

He pressed the button, opening up the controls. He took a long time, making sure it was paired correctly, sipping his drink as he toyed with her thighs. “How about you, Stephanos?” he loudly called the bartender back over. “What do you recommend for a cruise newbie looking for a good time?” he waited until Stephanos was back over to turn the vibe on low.

Ivy jumped a little on her stool, and she swore that Stephanos was staring at her, but it was probably mostly her imagination.

Stephanos spoke with his deep Greek accent, “You can’t miss the nightly shows. They are worth every second. The dancers would be amazing on solid ground, but to see them soar on a moving ship is incredible.”

Mark nudged the vibrator up a bit higher, using his foot to tip Ivy’s stool a little. “Oh, do they flow back and forth like the waves?” he asks, sending the vibrator up and down in peaks and troughs to tease her.

She tried not to let it, but her spine curled as she felt the change in the vibrations. She quickly righted herself and giggled, moving in a more exaggerated way to seem like it had been intentional. She kept her mouth shut, though.

Stephanos was definitely watching Ivy now. His eyes glued to her as he said, “They do. It’s a sight to behold. There’s an after-dinner show at 9:30. I’ll be on the bar up at the show. You should stop by, and I’ll make sure to take care of you.”

Mark spun the phone around, sliding it towards Stephanos. “Ever used one of these before?” he asked with a smile.

“I have. I’m not supposed to touch guest’s phones, though,” he replied.

“And if a guest wants to touch yours?”

“Then it would only be good service to let them,” he said, sliding it over to Mark. A moment later, the vibrator turned off as Mark installed and paired the app on Stephanos’ phone. He gave it a short buzz as a test, then gave it back to the bartender.

“Wait until 9:45 or so,” he said. “Let her get settled in first.”

Stephanos smiled, “Of course. I’ll try to pick you two out of the crowd afterward. That will be a fun little game for me.”

Ivy’s gaze moved back and forth between them, her gaze bouncing like watching a tennis match. When Stephanos stopped talking, she turned her wide eyes to Mark. Was he really going to let this complete stranger control the vibrator tucked into her panties? Apparently, he was.

They finished their drinks and headed off for their pre-scheduled dinner time. Some people didn’t like the rigidity of it, but Ivy loved the predictability of the same table and waitstaff each night. All through the three-course meal, Ivy expected Mark to turn on the vibrator, but he didn’t. If she squirmed, she could feel the plastic pressing against her clit. Part of her wanted him to turn it on. She wanted to feel it buzzing away beneath her skirt. She wanted to be squirming and trying not to moan aloud while other people sat feet away from them. By the time dinner was over, she was convinced that Mark was torturing her more by keeping the vibrator off than if he had made her have five orgasms at the dinner table. 

“Ready to go to the show?” Mark asked when they put down their forks after the decadent chocolate dessert they’d shared.

“Yes,” Ivy said, her voice coming out in a choked whisper.

They made their way to the front of the ship and got settled into seats. Mark made sure they were sitting in view of the bar, and he gave a little wave in the direction of the bar, but he wasn’t sure if Stephanos had seen him or not.

Ivy looked at her watch and saw that it was 9:43. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, the blood rushing in her veins. She wondered if Stephanos would turn on the vibrator right at 9:45 or if he would be unpredictable like Mark would be. But she only had a few minutes to wait to find out.

I’m going to be honest. I just didn’t want to put in the effort to write a threesome tonight. I think this turned out fun as an alternative though. Let us know what you want to see next! -Richard.

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