Vacation: Part 6

Hey everybody, guess what? We’re on vacation! And we’re having almost as much fun as Mark and Ivy!

Mark reached over, giving her hand a reassuring squeeze. “Ready for the show he asked?” with a smirk. As he did, the dancers stepped out from the wings, prompting a round of applause from the audience.”

“Yes, Sir,” Ivy whispered in his ear. Her heart was pounding with excitement that had nothing to do with the dancers or the applause.

A moment later, Mark felt her squeeze his hand as Stephanos cranked the vibrator up all the way. He was clumsy with it at first, ramping it all the way up and down while he got a feel for the app and controls.

She stifled a moan, but barely. It was so sexy. Her whole body trembled.

Mark leaned in close, keeping half an eye on the show, “It’s been a while since anyone besides me has had any kind of control over you, hasn’t it, slut?”

“Yes, Sir. A long time.” She wasn’t paying any attention to the show. She only had eyes for Mark, with an occasional glance at the bar where she assumed Stephanos was.

Mark put one arm behind her, feeling her shivering from the vibe. A moment later, it eased up a bit, cresting and falling in gentle waves. Stephanos had found the preprogrammed patterns.

Ivy couldn’t help but moan softly as she crested each wave. She hoped that no one near her could hear, but it was only a tiny part of her. Most of her just didn’t care.

Mark waved the hand behind her back lightly in a “turn it up” gesture. A small one, he wouldn’t want to draw attention and embarrass her. Stephanos probably couldn’t even see it. His other hand slid up her thigh, resting close to the vibrator. He could feel just a hint of the vibrations through her dress.

Mark’s hand on her thigh sent shivers through Ivy’s whole body. His touch was warm, and it made her want more. She had to actively stop herself from climbing into his lap. “Master, please,” she moaned softly in his ear.

Her owner honestly had no idea what she was begging for at this point. At times like this, it often didn’t matter, as long as she got some kind of attention. He leaned down, kissing up her neck and across the curve of her ear. “Please what, fucktoy?” he asked.

Ivy wasn’t even sure what she wanted. The vibrations were driving her crazy. She wanted to cum. But she didn’t want to cum in the middle of the theater. Well, actually, she did. That would be so fucking hot. Even at the thought, her pussy clenched with desire, making the vibrator press tighter against her clit. “I need to cum, Master, pleeeeease.”

He chuckled in her ear, hot breath washing over it, “And what am I supposed to do about that? I’m not the one running the toy. Do you want me to go talk to Stephanos, and miss part of the show because you’re a greedy slut who needs to cum right now?”

“I’m s-sorry, Sir,” she stammered, “I am a greedy slut.” She tried to stave off the orgasm that was fast approaching, but she wasn’t sure how successful she could be.

He watched the telltale signs of her shivering and smiled. “How bad is it, pet? Could you cum right here, right now? Just from someone you only met today working your toy while your Master whispers dirty things in your ear?”

“Yes, Master. I’m going to c-cum s-soon. I can’t h-help it.” She was really struggling to form words now.

Mark slid his hand over, glancing around to make sure their neighbors were focused on the show. His fingertips brushed against the vibrator. “What do you have to do first, slavegirl?”

“M-master, may I please cum, Sir? Please?” she pleaded.

He pressed down hard on the vibrator, grinding it down on her clit, just as Stephanos hit a new peak on the remote. “Go ahead, fuckpet.”

Even though she had just asked, she hadn’t expected him to say yes. She had thought he would find a reason for her not to, that he would take it off, that he would tell Stephanos to stop. But instead, he told her to cum. Here, in the middle of the theater. The thought of it was so arousing that even as she tried to deny her body’s desire to orgasm, she felt the first waves of it wash over her, her pussy clenching tightly. She wished that she had a hard cock filling her as she clenched down, her fingers gripping the armrest on one side and Mark’s thigh on the other.

Mark moaned softly as her fingers dug into his leg, his cock hard and throbbing, tenting out his slacks. “Go ahead, slut,” he growled, “Have a trembling, mind-melting, full-body orgasm. See if you can give these people a better show than the dancers up there.”

She tried not to draw attention to herself as her hips bucked in her seat. Even with Mark’s encouragement and her own desire, she was still semi-conscious of the people in the dark theater. Her clit was still throbbing and pulsing when she felt the vibrator switch off. Her chest rose and fell sharply, and she looked at the bar where Stephanos was watching her with a smirk on his face.

See you all next week, when Ivy gets into even more trouble…

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