31 Questions: Day 14

Marquessa Matthews challenged herself and other bloggers to answer 31 questions during the month of March. You should check out hers and comment below with a link if you’re playing along!

31 Questions
March 2021

March 14 – How do you reign in self critical voices?

Jayden:  My own self-critical voices are very difficult to reign in. Having a partner to remind me of my own self-worth is very valuable. I hate to put that on them, but sometimes I forget that I can be good at things.

Richard: 90% of the time, it doesn’t matter if I suck as bad as I think I do anyway.

One thought on “31 Questions: Day 14

  1. I replace them with happy voices I hear once a week on Tuesday.
    Except for the last 52 weeks, which have been Tuesday-less. And if we KNEW it was our last for a year, we would have DONE a thing. A party. Wine, games, hugs, potato logs…
    “Oh self, you sound dumb.”
    Yup. 52 crickets.


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