31 Questions: Day 21

Marquessa Matthews challenged herself and other bloggers to answer 31 questions during the month of March. You should check out hers and comment below with a link if you’re playing along!

31 Questions
March 2021

March 21 – What’s something you’ve tried, that you’ll never, ever try again?

Jayden: Oh there have to be things… kinky things even.

Richard: Scalloped potatoes. What a waste of good spuds.

Jayden: Okay so, Richard called me out that this was a cop out of an answer. So… I guess I’ll add onto it. I like to try new things, especially kinky things. I’m trying to remember one that I disliked enough to never, ever do again. There are plenty of things that I don’t love but will do for the right Dom. There are a few things I won’t even try (hello, hard limits!) but it’s pretty rare that I’ll try something and dislike it *that* strongly. So, I guess I have to get away from kink…

I have a food I’ll never try again. Anything rice paper wrapped. It literally makes me gag.

Also, scalloped potatoes are delicious, and apparently I have to cook them for Richard so he can see that. (I legitimately think he’d like them if they were made well.)

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